Thursday, 21 April 2016

And Isaac?

Hi dear friends, how are you? Today I want to write about something that caught my attention when I was meditating in a word of the Bible.

I know that all of you know the story of Abraham and Isaac, and the example of faith that Abraham left us when he didn't deny his only son to God. But what I want to talk about today is not about Abraham but Isaac. Think with me friends, Abraham left with his two servants and Isaac on the way to Mount Moriah. He made Isaac carry the wood and went with him to the place of sacrifice. When they got there Isaac asks, "My father!” And he said, “ Here I am, my son.” Then he said, “ look, the fire and the wood, but where is the lamb for the burnt offering?" Genesis. 22:7 In this verse we can see that Isaac was not a baby, much less a child who had no understanding of what was going on, because he knew very well what a sacrifice was, that's why he thought it was strange for his father to go to sacrifice without the lamb. Then Abraham built an altar, laid the wood, tied Isaac up and placed him on the wood. Now Abraham was old, with over 100 years and a boy Isaac, full of strength, now I ask you: Do you think Isaac did not know that lying on the wood meant that he was the sacrifice and he would have to die? Don't you think if Isaac wanted to escape, he couldn't have done it? Yes, He could've, but faith and obedience of Abraham towards God had taught him to obey too and that's why he agreed to be sacrificed.

After seeing Isaac’s example I ask you: what kind of daughter, assistant, wife have you been? Have you been obeying your parents? Have you been obeying the authorities? Have you been submissive to your husband? Isaac was willing to give his life in sacrifice for obedience. This same example we must follow because when we obey God and the authorities imposed by God, we please Him. When we do not obey we become rebels, demonstrating pride, as if we know more than anyone  and that our way is better, but is it?

So what do we must do in order to please God? We must do, obey what He has asked of us. To obey your parents, giving a good testimony at home and helping your mother. Obeying what God has asked of you, for example is to let go of that long time friend who someone already advised you it is not a good influence on you, when God asks you to let go of hatred, resentment, to let go of a crush that is not good for you; to let go of laziness, to do the right thing and take care of your spiritual life willingly or unwillingly, how to read the Bible, pray and go to church. It all depends on you friend. Words you have already received a bunch of them, now what you need to do is OBEY. Be an Isaac of today. Be the living sacrifice pleasing to God. Don't try to run away or complain when God asks something of you , remember  Isaac didn't do that!  So don't try to throw a ‘tantrum’ because you want to do your own way. God is the only one that knows what is best for you, so, what do you think about obeying Him with humbleness and love with the assurance that He will bless you?

A big kiss to all and until next week!
Juliana Furucho


Ana Neto said...

It's true,obidence looks like it's easy but it takes alot to submit and deny your desires and will to do God's, as long we don't obey God can't bless us,meaning we can't move forward in our faith and that can cause frustration.

Anita Isioma Chukwuma said...

Thanks alot aunty. Reading this said alot to me as a daughter and assistant yes i have to be obedient so i have to be isaac even if it not what i want. Even if it hurt me. Thanks alot Mrs Tania

Ashley Pierre said...

Yes,as a Christian, we have many challenges. Number one being able to allow God to use us no matter the cost.

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