Monday, 8 February 2016

Series Strong Woman 10 – Get out of your comfort zone and do not look back

The comfort zone is a place where a person feels secure and protected, it does not need much sacrifice, and coming out of it represents danger, fear and discomfort. I know very well what it is because I lived there for long time. Of course at that time, I did not have this understanding. I did not have any idea that I lived in a shell, the only thing I knew was that I felt comfortable in there. It was a wonderful place to me, I did not need to face some things, or “force” myself to something different or unknown that would make me feel uncomfortable. Everything seems to be perfect, until you perceive that place is not so good and it begins to disturb you. In fact, it is a weakness, something that makes us fragile, and it does not matter the reason why you don’t want to get out from it.

How many times we do not want to get out of our comfort zone to move forward! We say that we want God, but we carry on with the same life, the same habits and traditions, even though we know that it all will be harmful to us. We know that we need to change something in us or to do something different from what we are used to, but it is very hard for us to come out from the place or situation in which we feel comfortable and secure. We do not want anything that makes us feel uncomfortable. If we do not come out from our comfort zone, even though it is a fight against our flesh, we will never improve, we will remain comfortable but stuck in the same place.

For instance, if shyness does not let you talk about Jesus, and you do not overcome it because it’s not pleasant to talk to unknown people; if you do not overcome your bad character, because you would rather explode with people to feel good; if you do not sacrifice your “own self” because it’s going to be painful to change your attitudes and behaviour; if you do not fight against your own will to do something you are not used to, and you would rather carry on being “protected” in your little world; how do you expect God to use you? How do you expect to make the different at work? How do you expect to have your own family? How do you expect to grow and get mature as a woman? How do you expect to have friends? How do you expect to overcome your own self?

These are questions you should ask yourself. You will see through your answers that the comfort zone is not favorable. God wants to count on you, and if you want to become strong and grow, you need to come out of your comfort zone and challenge your own ego. If you want to improve and move on, there is no other option, it is necessary to give a step of faith.

Are you willing to? If you ask me: it is going to hurt? I’ll answer: Yes, it is but you will never want to go back there. You will be like a little bird when it learns to fly, it never wants to be caged anymore!


May Fe Ann Mestidio said...

Thank you Dona for the message. It is just what I need.

Mmapitso Hellen said...

Thank you Mrs Tania
Indeed it's not easy and it's very painful but I decided to come out of my comfort zone because I want to grow as a person in every aspect of my life.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that message. Something I understood when reading your post is when we are in the comfort zone we don't know who we are.

Ashley Pierre said...

Thank you! Ever since I stepped out my comfort zone, I haven't been... Well, comfortable. It is very challenging, but doing something different has given me different results!

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