Tuesday, 19 January 2016

The secrets of the life of a Pastor’s daughter - The Abortion

Hi friends, how are you doing? From today on, I will tell you a little bit of my life story, of my testimony. I had planned since last year to write about it, because of one thing and another, it wouldn't happen.  But now, I decided to tell you about everything I went through until today and how I overcame...

As you know, I was practically born in a Christian home. I say practically because when my parents came to the Church, I was only four years old. Many people say that a child does not remember things, but I remember so many things that happened in my family up to the conversion of my parents. Well, my birth was not on my parents plans, my father got my mom pregnant, who was still very young and from that moment on many problems started.  My grandmother, from my dad side, did not accept this news, for her I was not her son’s child. The differences between my aunts and my mother were many. Arguments and more arguments. With so many problems, my mother tried to abort me but could not go through with it, and I know that God had a plan for me ever since. My parents got married just so I could have a family.

As soon as I was born, it was impossible not to see that I was my dad’s daughter.  My eyes looked just like his Asian eyes, which confirmed my DNA lol.  At that time, my father had to work hard to support us.  Without a career and without a guide on how to be a parent, I can imagine the struggles that they went through.

But the fights between my parents did not stop with my birth. Financial difficulties, a baby without a manual of instructions and problems with family were always the reasons for arguments.  As I got older the problems increased. Three years later my brother was born. Financially, my father was more stable. He worked hard to get a career and worked tirelessly to support us. He managed to graduate in laboratory technician.

I remember the times that my parents separated, which were 3 times and one in particular, when my mother hit me so hard that she made me bleed from my mouth because of a gossip I shared. Yes, I was little, but I clearly remember that day. This aggression unleashed a fight like never before. My uncles had to intervene so that my parents would not kill each other! It was a big ugly fight.

But today I would like to comment on my reaction when I heard that my mother wanted to abort me. I did not think badly of her, I did not feel inferior to anyone, what I did was, to put myself in her shoes then I understood her.  I did not let that news make me feel bad. You know friend, that's what the devil does, he brings sad news and blow many negative thoughts to dirty our heart and make us live embittered. The secret is not to listen to this type of news, look on the bright side, and think positive.  The day my mother told me that she thought about abortion and even tried it with no success, I told her: "Look mom, every sin has its consequences, but look at how good God is; what had everything to go wrong, He made it to work, look at me now lol" This is the secret friends, be positive and don't let anything or anyone, not even the devil steal your joy of living. If you have been abandoned, rejected, or you were going to be an abortion case, similar to mine or your birth was not welcomed, don't feel sorry for yourself or feel inferior, look how great is the love of Jesus for you, Who has chosen you to give a beautiful and wonderful life; Who has taken care of you and worries for you even when you reject Him. And see how many wonderful people God has placed in your way to brighten your day. Do not pay much attention to the negative side of your life story, look at what God has given you and be grateful! Always BE POSITIVE. Negativity only brings us bad things and it comes from the devil. So, decide today to be ALWAYS POSITIVE no matter what!!

A big kiss to all and next week I will be sharing more secrets of my life. Kisses
Juliana Furucho


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