Thursday, 31 December 2015

Self love

There is no better care than self-love. Take the decision to love yourself more this coming year. Beyond taking care of your diet also consider the following points:

1)How's your spiritual life?
2)How do you relate with your loved ones?
3)How is your physical activity?
4)How can you increase or improve on these four points? 

All are in some way intertwined and must be analyzed carefully. Why bother to count every calorie, if you do not exercise, or you may may count your calories and exercise, but your relationships are not in the best place. You overall health depends on how each point is developed. There is an advanced study at Harvard University (Happiness and Health) on how: negative emotions like stress, fear and loneliness not only harm your health, but delay recovery time.
A healthy lifestyle begins form the inside. This year underside of making resolutions, dare to love yourself even more! Rethink your diet, physical activity, relationships with your loved and your spirituality. May you dedicate this year to self love, finding your balance and thriving.
Until next time.

Cecilia Fernandes


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