Friday, 27 November 2015

Experiences of the Altar - The right choice!

 "Hello friends, my name is Erica, and today I will be talking about my experience in my love life.
When I first arrived at church, at 13 years of age, one of the things that took me a while to place on the altar was my love life, but you know when I reached that point where you are willing to completely let go of everything to receive the Holy Spirit?  Well, that day arrived for me as well, and there on the altar I made a vow with God, and with lots of pain I placed myself 100% on the altar and decided to invest in my spiritual life, trusting that in the right moment God would bless my love life. I learned to be happy alone, I started investing in my interior and of course, the changes began to occur. I began to grow spiritually, to develop the talents that were trusted in me and God went on to have complete liberty to use my youth any way He chose.

After I was converted, I started to be more cautious with my love life, specially since my goals shifted, for I wanted to serve God on the altar, so then when I would be interested in someone, I would begin to pray, observe, get to know them, before beginning something more serious, because I didn’t want to be dating one and then another, because we see this happening a lot nowadays, we have many youths that seem as though they are trying out their luck, they date one man, one morning, and this is not good for any woman.

I remember a certain day a boy came close to me, saying that he had been observing me, and that he would like to pray with me, I said to him that there was no problem, we could pray, and one would observe the other, nothing more then that, and if it was God’s will, He would bless, but everything would occur naturally.

He accepted, we wouldn’t see each other much, because he was in another church far away from mine, but every time we had a special event I would see him, I would observe with the spiritual eyes, because the physical would be dazzled with what they saw, but not the ones of the faith.

He was a persona with a completely different personality compared to mine, he was very rough and rigid, he had a stubborn way of behaving, even the strong way he talked to people scared me a little, and it displeased me a lot, but I was still praying and asking God to not let me be deceived, and the more I asked the more God showed me and I decided to end this purpose.

Some time after I met my husband, he had come from another state, and we had a friend in common.
This friend one day introduced us and since the first day the conversation flowed in a very surprising way, it seemed as though we had known each other for a long time.
He was very talkative, just like me and he had a sense of humor very similar to mine, then with out me realizing, I began to do certain comparisons.
I began to observe him a lot, the way he would deal with people, his behavior with his other coworkers, the spirituality of our conversations, the dedication that he had to his work, ultimately, each day that went by I realized he was the persona that I wanted by my side.

It was like this that I began a purpose with him, because I didn’t want to make a mistake, even though everything showed that we were made for each other, I couldn’t stop believing in the power of prayer, in the end it always worked.

About 2 months of mutual observing and of lots of prayer he declared himself to me, but that same day he told me he had been transferred to another country.
And he asked me if I was willing to wait for him, because we didn’t know when he would be back for us to marry, it could be a short amount of time, but it could also be years.
It may sound crazy, but I accepted!

I remember as though it were today, our relationship was made official on a Tuesday, and he travelled on Wednesday. Friends, this was in a time where there was no facebook, whatsApp, Skype, etc…
He had to buy a phone card and call my neighbor, who at that time was the only one who had a phone in her house and when my husband called, she shouted out so loud that the whole street knew my boyfriend was calling me.

But despite the distance, I never doubted that it was of God, because even though we did not know each other so well, the little that we talked, I could see that he was fearful to God and had the same goals as I, and even though he was away I wanted to meet his family to know a little of who he was as a son, as a brother, and etc...

Also I started doing the Love Therapy, because I always had those "Friends" that told me it would take years to get married, because we knew some people who were going through this, but I knew deep inside me that with me it would be different, then I continued giving my best in God's work, I continued serving my God while not letting anxiety invade my being.

And thank God, after 9 moths, my prince returned to look for his princess, but it wasn’t in a white horse people, it was truly by airplane.

We got married and then he returned to continue the mission that had been trusted on him, but from then on he would no longer be alone, but he would have at his side an auxiliary, and today we have 16 years of marriage, united with one purpose.

So then my friends, today I can say that I made the right choice, even with it being a long distance relationship, I know the contact we had was very little, but we had lots of faith!
You have to be willing to be called crazy, but we know that faith seems crazy for those who don’t believe.
And if you believe it is of God, it doesn’t matter how far you are, be faithful to Him, continue giving Him your best, and in the right time He will bless!"


Nosimphiwo Dambuza said...

Good Day Mrs Tania,
Thank you so much for sharing these experiences I am really learning. I am in the similar situation and I believe that it is of God and at the right time God will bless us.

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