Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The mother who has self control!

Hello darlings, how are you? We continue in this search of learning until we do everything with excellence… In order to do this we need to be willing and decided for these changes. I believe that you are, just as I am, otherwise we would not be here acknowledging and seeing our needs, isn't it?

The growth of the fruits of the Spirit in our life is supported by a series of factors.
When someone starts to have life with God, we notice that the fruit is like a bunch of grapes, each grape perfect- but all in one bunch.

Likewise, when love begins to grow, peace, joy, goodness, begin to unfold as well. In the same parallel to these values, is the growth of temperance, or self control.

The Spiritual growth depends on our desire to grow and be subject to these changes, which are not always comfortable but very productive.

But we need to be aware to every detail. It is useless to put make an effort to develop these new fruits if we are not in the Spirit, for these are “fruits of the Spirit”.
With so many difficult situations, we don’t always practice this fruit; and you ask yourself, “Can we control ourselves?” Or, “Is there something in our life that we cannot govern?”
In Corinthians 6.12: “As Christians, I have the right to do anything, you say - but not everything is beneficial. I have the right to do anything - but I will not be mastered by anything.”

Moderation includes control in all circumstances regarding ourselves and our children. I have counselled mothers that at the moment of taking an action in concerning their children,
they did not know how to use this gift and later on they reaped serious consequences.

By moderating our temper we can make correct decisions and govern our thoughts and impulses. The freedom of these choices is our privilege, which helps develop our character.
Helping your children does not mean that you will stop exercising your self control and your temperance, it does not mean that you will overlook indiscipline or agree with actions that are against your conduct, values and principles, but you should always uphold your word. Never forget that it does not return empty, but prospers in what it was designated for.

Today your son may not even like it, but later on, will thank you.
We need to learn to be gentle without staying quiet.
We need to always maintain the channels of communication open and discuss the problems with temperance.
May our fruits be real - for only this way will they be able to reproduce.
Govern yourself, so then you will be able to “govern” your children.

If this helped you, or you were able to identify yourself with something do not stop leaving your comment, or if you had an experience where you were lacking this self control, you can share it with us.
Feel free to leave here topics that you would to see addressed, but in relation to parents and children.

Sweet kisses

Cátia Rubim


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