Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Apathetic Mother!

Hi darlings, it has been a long time, isn’t it? I was missing you already!
We are back to share and to learn from one to each other.
Firstly, I would like to share the meaning of this word:
Apathetic “indifferent, who expresses apathy, lack of sensibility, indifference…”
Counselling some mothers and daughters, I notice the lack of foundation in relationships, that is, in the structure of the family, and this happens for many reasons.
This kind of mother is the one who is neither worried nor present in her children’s problems, she is insensitive and she does not add anything to their lives. Even when they go through a tough situation, they do not feel like going to their mother for help, because they know she will not be able to solve or help, whatever the problem may be.
By this, I do not mean that you have to be permissive, but being a present mother. Had some mothers been a little more sensitive and present in their children’s lives, a lot of trouble would have been avoided in the future.
I have also noticed that some mothers can be really nice with people outside their family, they are gentle and do not measure efforts to please. But regarding their children, they are completely different people. How can I have more patience and love for strangers than to the person I gave birth to?
Do not be apathetic with your own children, quite the opposite, show firmness, assurance and a good portion of love, which shall make the difference in your relationship.
Mother, we are the major influence in our children’s lives and we should be their best friend, in the way they should not need help from outsiders!
If you realize you are this kind of mother, do not feel sad or judged, for the greater act of love you can give your child is to recognize and be different from today on!
Someone who accepts to change is also ready to reap the fruits of it!!!
You who are a mother, leave your comments below, let us learn and grow together.
And you daughter, if you are going through it, leave your comment too.
Sweet kisses 
Cátia Rubim


ms guni,england said...

Hallo miss am not a mother but have seen this happen. I have friends of mine who are very cold towards their children and super sweet to strangers.
It's the same with being rude to the husband but not other male friends.

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