Monday, 10 August 2015

What has been your stance on social networks?

We know social networks have a far-reaching effect and there are those who use it with a certain purpose. However, there are also those who use without any purpose but to know about the lives of others and collecting friends.

But we all know that through these networks we show who we are and what is within us, so that people form an image about ourselves simply by what we write, the comments we make and photos we share.

As we have seen a huge imbalance in this area, I decided to give some tips on this because we cannot forget to show good manners also on facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc. Etiquette is a set of behavioral rules and includes good manners, balance, good judgment, sensitivity and respect.

So why not make use of the virtual etiquette? Here we go!

What you should never do:

• Never post rude or offensive messages

• Do not use slang or vulgar words

• Do not attack other users

• Do not send indirect messages digging at someone

• Do not vent on Facebook, nobody needs to know how you feel or what you are going through, such as: "God will do justice"

• Do not over expose your life, be discreet

• Do not post compromising photos

• Do not endorse people who do not respect this short list, you will be agreeing to their inappropriate behavior.

Do not forget that we must also give good testimony on social networks and show the Lord Jesus through our image.

Learn to position yourself, review your page, see if all you write, share or comment conforms to what you believe and transmit the image that you really want to portray.

How about reviewing your pages and your behavior on social networks?


ms guni,england said...

It took me ages to be on Facebook if it weren't for family I wouldn't have any social media. When a person ask me out I just go to Facebook page and that is it. Some people like trolling.
I worked at a place and people Google me and didn't find me they were shocked.i was happy

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