Sunday, 12 July 2015

When greed is above obedience

It is sad to see that kind of behavior among the servants of God, but many who started in obedience, walked away from it, thus causing the consequences of their actions.
When they receive a direction from his superiors or from God himself, they do not want to obey, but prefer do it their way, thinking it will be better.
They think that by obeying they will be in trouble, they will lose out, that things will not go well, and then choose the path of disobedience.
His desire to receive recognition, praise, merits, position is so great that the greed talks.

The same happened at the beginning of humanity with Adam and Eve, as well as many other examples. We also see the case of Jonah, God gave him an order, but he resisted the voice of God, he did not want to obey and therefore had to go through difficult situations until he learned that disobedience brings negative consequences.

"Arise, go to Nineveh and cry against it; for their wickedness is come up before me. But Jonah rose up to flee from the presence of the Lord to Tarshish; "Jonah 1: 1.2

Jonas wanted to "get away" from the path of obedience and do as he thought best, but we cannot run from God, isn’t it? He always finds us, how can anybody think they can deceive God?
We need to be aware that God does not approve of disobedience and those who practice it do not have His blessing nor is He pleased with them, although their plans may seem to be working, it is not something real. You can even "juggle" the results, fool half the world, be smart, do well, but they will eventually reap the fruits.

The person may even reach their goals, and apparently for a period of time, but sooner or later their disobedience will find them and there will be no excuses for their bad decisions.

Obedience is always the right path that leads us to remain in God's presence and reach His promises, a faith that shields our faith and makes it unshakable.

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