Monday, 27 July 2015

How to be a fit helper?

Hello darlings, perhaps you have wondered how to be a better wife. In the work of God, we know that our husbands have a great responsibility, and everything we can do to help them will benefit the work of God. Let us see how we can fulfil our role of helpers well.

Then the Lord God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him.” Genesis 2:18

Do you know what fit means? It means a suitable and trained person to carry out a specific task, capable and competent.

How could you help your husband at home?
·      Keep the house clean and organized, so when he comes, he feels pleasure to be at home.
·      Take care of his clothes, so he is going to look presentable.
·      Manage your finances well, look for some ways of saving money and not get into debts, your husband needs to trust you will manage this part very well.
·      Have what is needed, not running short of things
·      Be responsible so everything is in order.

How to help your husband in health?

·      Take care of his diet, cook for your husband, eating out often is not healthy
·      Prepare some healthy recipes, avoid fried foods, no processed foods or sugary soft drinks.
·      Encourage him to workout.
·      Book an appointment to see the doctor, as they do not like going to and they will never do it by themselves.

How to help your husband with the children?

·      Take care of the children, teach them the Word of God and how to pray, dedicate this time for them
·      Educate and discipline your children
·      Help them with their homework
·      Be a present mother

 How to help your husband in the work of God?
·      Help him to win souls
·      Fulfil your responsibilities  in the church
·      Do not be a troublemaker, be spiritual
·      Encourage your husband in his ministry
·      Be present and active in the church, but be balanced, do not forget to get time to look after your house
·      Do not put the work of God first than your husband, first it is God, second your husband (family) and then the work of God.
·      Do not depend on your husband for everything, get skills that benefit the work of God

How to help your husband in his spiritual life?
·      Pray for him and take care of his salvation, help your husband to keep himself pure and away from any evil
·      Be a spiritual and wise wife in your words and attitudes
·      Do not agree with what it is wrong, ever
·      Make purposes for your husband and ask God for him to be like Job, upright, honourable and who shuns evil.
·      Always have a word of faith and encouragement
·      Do not be negative, do not be rumoured
·      Praise, encourage and feel admiration for your husband
·      Ask your the leader for help when it is needed, for it is our obligation to watch out  for our salvation and his.

May God give us wisdom to fulfil our role as fit helpers.



ms guni,england said...

I want to be this woman and will pray that God gives me this wisdom. I will print this and put on my fridge door.

Andiswa Mahobe said...

Wow so powerful. Though I am not married yet I will apply them to my marriage in future.

Thank you so much Mrs Tania

cphosethu said...

Wow, very helpful.

Thank you for the post Mrs Tania. I will apply these helpful tips in my future marriage too.

Sivuyisiwe Tshaka said...

wow! this is too strong and very much helpful

Unknown said...

What a blessing you put everything so clear to understand Mrs.Tania thank you very much for this powerfull post.God Bless

Ironica said...

I will take these tips and use them for my future husband. thank you.

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