Saturday, 27 June 2015

Do not burden your children

 Hello darlings, how are you?
 We will continue on our study on the topic mothers and children, which can be applied not only to physical children but also spiritual children.
 Very often we put very heavy burdens on our children and require them to do things which they are not prepared to.
For example sometimes mothers have such a busy, a lot of times even unbalanced lives, just delegating responsibilities to the children that are not for their age. And so, they often don’t get the job done, no matter how hard they try to help, and a seed of failure takes root in them, making they doubt their abilities and feel useless.
A lot of times we want to delegate tasks which they are not mature enough to perform.
Each child matures on their own time, noticed that we don’t all start walking, talking etc., at the same age!
 This reveals that every human being has his own time to maturity, which we must follow and understand its development.
 For mothers who have more than one child the secret is to deal with each according to his way of being, not making comparisons but encouraging the less mature to appreciate the one which is more mature, thus preventing 2 problems, between you and your child and your child with their sibling(s).
 How many children who engage in a certain activity with all their strength and all of a sudden, they completely lose it?
 The Word of God says, "Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit."
 God has given us a spirit of moderation, not imbalance.
 Dear Mother, let our special Friend, the Holy Spirit, guide you in everything you do in order to avoid many problems and even internal conflicts.
 We need God to establish good relationships, and learn to be sensitive to each moment that our children are going through.
 Specially since a lot f the times the one who needs maturing is you, mom!!!
 And never make the mistake of passing on the burden that you received from your parents, so that does not become a cycle, but act and make things different, and you will be breaking this evil that has been acting from generation to generation.
 You can do things differently, do you know how? By being different!!
 Let us put all our strength in this, and here is an excellent opportunity for you who want the miracle in the life of your son or daughter, the sacrifice creates life and the Altar is our answer.
 "No sacrifice, no fire. No fire, no Glory"
 Do you want to see this glory? Sacrifice!
 My son is a result of our surrender on the Altar, it was the sacrifice that brought life.
 Leave your comments here and share your experiences, as well as adding in someone else’s, it could save souls and that is our only goal!

 Sweet Kisses

Catia Rubim


Sivuyisiwe Tshaka said...

Wow! Powerful

Be it your biological or spiritual children I am learning that the change is starting within you, by acting different. I realise that miracles to take place in our children start with us.

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