Monday, 20 April 2015

When I am fleshly in Church

To finalize this series, we will speak of something that few may think of as a possibility, since normally people look to have an appropriate behavior in church, but unfortunately this does not apply to everyone.

Even within the house of God, there are those who have ugly attitudes and maybe even embarrassing, or who demonstrate the flesh and lack of fear.

Then let’s see some attitudes that demonstrate this lack of respect towards God:

v Talking during the service
v Leaving their cell phones on and still answer when called
v Throw garbage on the ground
v Chew gum inside the church
v They stand up all the time during the service to go to the restroom
v They continue to text or send emails during the worship
v They speak loud or let their children run around church and even eat inside church
v As unbelievable as it may seem, I have witnessed people clipping their nails during the service
v Dating, hugging and kissing in the church hall or even during the service
v Members or assistants who do not speak to each other
v Within the church they are one way, outside they are someone completely different
v In the moment of prayer they stay seated, don’t participate, they don’t speak with God

If you are surprised with this list leave your comment and add more attitudes that you may have seen that I may not have mentioned.

Kisses to all!


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