Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Be the Bible that your child can read

Hello darlings, I will be writing for mothers every week and will address very important subjects, so be sure to read, comment and share because I am sure that together we will raise a new generation of children, adolescents and youth! After all we are in the same boat I am also a mother and want to see all of you here participating!
We will have amazing results, do you believe ??

Our responsibility is to take our children to God.
But many ask, but when my son was born I introduced him to God, doesn't this guarantee that he will be God?
Well, think with me. When you got married and said yes at the Altar, did that alone assured you that your marriage would be forever? Of course not!!
It's something that you invest or should every day is it not? With our children is no different.
With a mother's strength and influence we have to lead our children to have a personal experience with God, do not just think, but I am in the church, I am even an assistant. Well,never forget that God has no grandchildren, but children.
So read the Bible to your child from an early age in a creative way in order to hold his attention, and I suggest to you one of their favorite stories and bring them to an understanding is God's covenant with Noah.
This story will reflect for the child to be with God is to be inside the ark of protection, against all "floods" (problems, death, diseases, poverty etc.) that are part of this world, and are outside of the ark.
The child will not have an experience with God and believe in Him simply because you attend church, they need your spiritual reference you to take the first steps to her confess and give your life to Jesus.
If we mothers invest in our intimacy with God and use His word, surely we will lead our children to Christ.
Throughout the Word we can see tremendous results of blessings upon the children who were given to God.
The greatest legacy that a mother can have is to educate children in the ways of God.
We are the largest mirror of life of our children.
"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old he will not depart from it." (Proverbs 22:6).
What a wonderful promise, let us take possession for that to materialize in our lives.

Leave your comments here they are all important, and share your experiences.
Also you can make some suggestions which would like to see addressed.
See you next week
Sweet kisses 
Catia Rubim


Anonymous said...

hello Mrs. i have todllers of turning 3 and turning 4. at what age should you start reading the bible to your child.

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