Tuesday, 28 April 2015

I don’t have time!

Hello darlings, I would like to share with all of you mothers, that like me, desire for your children to fulfill the commandments of God, and that will be enough for the devil not to touch them.

Raising children nowadays can be a difficult task, and truly a challenge.

It seems as though principles do not exist anymore, and that our precious time dedicated to our families has been consumed, doesn’t it?
We live and do things all in a rush, we often may feel as if we were on the automatic pilot, and this is where danger begins, because we stop appreciating the little things that make all the difference in our children’s lives. 
This is where the virtual world and their “friends” enter their lives, because we stop having time to plan some precious time for them.
In an unnoticed and even innocent way, the values are completely inverted; hence our children and youth are more rebellious each day towards the true meaning of family established by God.
It is right there, mothers, that our main role kicks in, which is to pass firstly these values to them, so they know the role that each one occupies in this society.
For example, there is the mother that in an innocent way the majority of their time is filled with the work needed to be done or at church putting aside the needs of their children, and I am not referring to the basic needs, because these shouldn’t even exist, but the need of affection, developing their bonding, trust, intimacy and cumplicity. Of course this is going to require a lot of us mothers, but we should have thought of that before placing them in this world, right? Because they did not ask to come to this world, this is why it is our entire responsibility to assume our commitment to love them, they don’t ask for much but love and attention.
Don’t be that mother that has time for everything and everyone except her own children.
For her boss, friends and even in church she never says no, but in regards to the time for them, this time never exists. When was the last time that you planned something with them, something that made them feel how special and deserving they are of your time?
Invest in your time with your children, later on you will see that it was truly worth it!
I know we will not always get it right, but remaining in error will only bring a compromising future.
Become best friends with your children, creating unforgettable moments for their lives, developing good communication, which is very important in any kind of relationship.
Because if you don’t do it certainly the devil will try.
Many mothers become distressed with the decisions of their children, when they should become more distressed with the character that was printed on them.
Raising our children requires from our part a lot of love, patience… and above all we have to pray at all times and sow the word of God, for a glorious future, giving above all a good example of character and balance.
Never forget that love is not a feeling, it is an action, so let us put in practice this action of love!

Your children will be thankful, and in the future you will avoid many problems, the hard work that will come in this phase, in the future will be rewarded.

I leave you with the following word:
Isaiah 54:13 “All your children shall be taught by the Lord, and great shall be the peace of your children”

Leave your comments here, and let os share this as much as possible, let us reach the greatest number of mothers as possible and save souls!!!
Transformed mothers, blessed children!

For next week I will be sharing the story of my youngest sister, and I am certain that it will be helping many of you!!!
With lots of news!

Sweet kisses.
Catia Rubim


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