Monday, 9 March 2015

I made a mistake, what now?

You know when you want to be so perfect and cannot stand the idea of getting it wrong, being involved in any problem, let alone that others would hear about it?

And when that happens you isolate yourself and don’t want to say anything anymore, because you think everybody is going to judge you for your past and you will not have “credibility” to speak about God because everybody is going to think that it is a lie.

But, if we think about it well, that could be a little bit of pride, when we put our own image above, anything like it is something untouchable for us.

When king David sinned, he repented and moved on. Even though all the people knew what happened, he did not hide in shame, but carried on with his duties of king  and writing the Psalms that we read and still blesses us today.

So let us not allow our past mistakes to paralyse our present, we cannot stop serving God or speak about Jesus just because we made a mistake in the past, never.

We are all aware that we are learning every day, improving ourselves, getting mature, we know that we are not perfect, but in practice we do not know how to cope with it, we demand too much from ourselves, chastise ourselves, we must grow in that sense.

I am going to begin some new articles from next Monday about being fleshy or spiritual in some situations, I am looking forward to having you here.

Leave your comments about today’s post, and tell us , do you know how to deal with your mistakes and move on?


asive said...

afternoon Mrs Tania
thank you for sharing ,really this is one of the things that makes us not to move in life ,we turn to focus on what has pasted .

Yinka said...

This really has showed ne that when you keep away things about yourself that could help people to protect your image it is seen as pride, because you don't want people to know who you were just who you are now

lindiwe said...

Dear Mrs Tania,

Thank you very much ,Indeed this post for me was an eye opener ,I should never in my life allow my mistake to paralysed my future .


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