Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Experiencing the extraordinary

Hello my darlings, how are you?
Today I will share with you something that I have been living and learning a lot in relation to the theme that we have been talking about in recent posts, "Worship" and how everything is interconnected.
 As each day goes towards the end we are every day closer to the return of the Lord Jesus.
Every day His desire are increasingly becoming my own.
In every experience I live,  an even greater love and desire for more of Him in my life takes over me.
You know, I've always had a love for souls, by the way is why I was called to serve, but God confronted me with a question, what would I resign for the sake of them?
This question not only changed my life but it shook me.
As I pondered the importance of this issue, I felt the weight of it in my heart.
I could see that my needs, my life often came first and it was not what God had called me for. He had called me to put the lost first, so immediately recognized and asked forgiveness for not having His heart for the lost. Since then I have made myself more available to give me more and maintain contact with them, for what they truly need is to be loved and cared for, especially those who do not know Jesus.
Many need to be rescued from the clutches of hell. The great call in my life and yours is to be soul winners, just as He was.
This experience helped me to understand that it's all about souls! That was what was missing in my worship.
That passion was intensified and started to devote my life more in favor of the lost, and of course, when we recognize and act our faith in practice the results arise.
I have realized that my intimacy with God alone was not enough, God made me clearly understand that if I do not go out and harvest this place, it’s all in vain. With this I am not saying that we should put our alone time with God aside, no way, especially since we cannot give what we have not received. But if our vision is to retain it all, it is in vain.
For example the disciples did not retain, they received the power of God, and then took to the streets. Moses was not all the time on the mountain after finding the Glory of God, he left and ministered to the people.
And the wonderful thing is that when we take care of that which is of God He takes care of what is ours!
And often people are looking for more anointing, more of God's presence, when the greater presence and anointing of God we can ever experience is when we bring souls to His feet.
I have been living this, it is the greatest joy that we can feel and experience. No achievement compares to the joy of winning a soul and making them a disciple.
We must look forward leading as many people as we can to heavens, how could we do any less than that?

I want to hear Jesus say "Well done!"
“His lord said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord.” (Matthew 25:21)
Pleasing Jesus should be our greatest desire.
And one thing I know: the privilege of serving Him is the greatest honor that any of us can ever experience!!
Every time we bring a lost soul to God, we wipe away a tear from His face. If that is our vision there is no way we will not fight for to win the greatest number of lost souls possible.
And then we'll see a smile on God’s face and in the face of our neighbor.
If this helped you share your experience, and if you are in this faith than I leave your comment.
See you next week!

Sweet kisses
Catia Rubim


Vanessa said...

Thank you indeed this as helped me.

I will share with others
God bless and keep sharing and blessings us

Vanessa Mendes


One thing I have also realised is that. It's all about salvation of my soul and the salvation of other souls. Everything we do in this world is in fact keeping us busy for the coming of the Lord Jesus, rather than us just being in this world folding our arms and say welse wait for Him. But all that we conquer should be for Him. For winning His souls over to Him. Words only are not enough, the kind of life we have and quality of life should we have is to let Him know it's for His Glory!

Our main reason for life in this world is to be saved. It is Great being used by God. Every day I t

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