Monday, 6 October 2014

It’s better than nothing!

The other day I was watching a commercial on TV, of a young man that went into a store to buy a certain plasma TV, but the sales person told him, “we don’t have it in that size, we only have it on this smaller size”, and the young men just shrugged his shoulders and said “okay then, I will take that one”.

In other words people that accept whatever, he didn’t even think in other options, like placing an order for the TV that he really wanted, or seeking in another store, he simply accepted what they had.

There are many people acting that way, without realizing it, have you stopped to see how many people say, “It’s better than nothing”.

-       This job is horrible, they don’t treat me right, they pay me bad, but it’s better than nothing. Where is your disposition to seek something better?
-       My marriage is in ruins, but my parents marriage was the same, my friends as well, it’s better than nothing, at least I am not alone, let it roll.
-       My friends are all fake but it’s better than nothing, at least I have someone to talk to. Until when will you continue to accept whatever for your life?
-       My house is rented, my car is old, but it’s better than nothing, at least I have a roof over my head, a car that takes me where I need to go. Take a look at your accommodation taking control. Will you accept it?
-       I still haven’t had my encounter with God, but at least I am in church, I don’t live in this world doing bad things. Where is your determination to conquer what truly matters?

Why accept less, when we could have more?
Why accept little when we could have a lot?
Why live mediocrely, when we could live a life with excellence?

How about you? Are you in the group of the “It’s better than nothing”?
I hope not, my friends! I don’t want you to be women without expectations.


Sabrina Williams said...

Thank you Ms Tania for this post, as It made me realise that I shouldn't settle for the least or a mediocre life and actually fight for the best because I know I can get it, this especially goes towards my studies as I can get great grades but I need to actually revise to get them !

Stephanie said...

This is so true. I have noticed that I have become one of the " better than nothing's". This was an awakening for me and I realize that I shouldn't accommodate on the little but have a bigger vision.

densi said...

Thank u Mrs Tania
im actually one of those people who always console myself with is really better than nothing end up settle for less than what im worth of.but I have realise that I should not accomodate less but strive for best..

Julie Vega said...

Thank you Ms Tania, this make me realize that if I can do more why do I accept less. A big NO, I'm not in this group "It's better than nothing." I don't want to be a woman without expectations. This was an awaking to me and open my vision.

Saheeda said...

I totally agree with this.If I can have more then why not.As a child of God we always have to make sure we are the best and have the best

Anonymous said...

thank you Mrs Tania
i was always a person who will accept less but from this message I have understand that I must never accept less and I must stop limiting God to work in my life because God said"he will show his glory in our life so that we can be living testimonies
thank you very much
Mrs Tania
from Sinenhlanhla khumalo

Ntsikie Dyakopu said...

We serve a great God and He has promised to bless those who truly believe in Him. I can not accept any offer that comes. God has great things for His people.

Sibongiseni Mahobe said...

Thank you so much Mrs Tania for sharing .God is good in everything.He is El Shadai.the God of more than enough.He is certainly not pleased with people who settle for less. When He gives it to us,it is pressed down,shaken together and running over Luke 6;38,David says you annoint my head with oil and my cup overflows,Psalms 23:5 what God wants from us is just persistant determination.Faith that insists.....Luke 11:5-10.

seipati mokhobo said...

Absolutely true.....I agree that this is what I usually fall into, But for a sec I thought about it and i am out.

suzana said...

Mrs Tania. we must be women with expectations. i used to accept less
especially in my studies. So now i will strive towards the best. Thanks
for the post Mrs Tania

Danielle Jones said...

This post was really refreshing for me because I have always been someone who set high standards for myself and thought if others could why should it be considered to big a jump for me to want a good life. Before I would be ridiculed for thinking too big of course I am aware that everyone starts somewhere but that will not limit or freeze my vision for the future. Thanks for verifying this for me but also reminding me that I should never settle for anything because God never settled for us being far from Him that's why he sent his son!

Elizabet Rangel said...

I must say that I used to be one who thought "better than nothing". Thankfully I am in the process of no longer conforming to the situation! It's not that we are picky, we simply have standards (:

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