Monday, 15 September 2014

Walking towards Jesus 12 – I want to, but I don’t!

What do you mean? That is what many people have shown through their behavior. They say they want to follow Jesus, but their actions are contrary to their words.

They want to follow Jesus, but they live in lies.
They want to follow Jesus, but they never give themselves.
They want to follow Jesus, but they always hang out with those they shouldn’t, and go to inappropriate places.
They want to follow Jesus, but they play with God.
They want to follow Jesus, but they always find excuses for their mistakes, instead of changing.
They want to follow Jesus, but they say they are weak and act as victims.
They want to follow Jesus, but they say the devil holds them back, if that were the case then he would certainly prevent the whole world, and in church there would be no one converted.

It is better to be sincere and say, “I don’t wan to follow Jesus, I want to live my life my way,” it is much nicer, than trying to fool yourself.

That is why we see so many people inside the church but they are cold, empty, weak in the faith, an easy pray for the devil, simply because they don’t wan to take God seriously.
This is a personal decision, no one can interfere, because no one can accept Jesus for you, it is something personal.

On top of that they are out there giving a bad testimony, they pretend to be “Christians” and they always hear, “is that what you learn at that church?”
As if the church were teaching that bad conduct, no my friends, the person that wants to live out of appearance is wrong, pretending to be what she’s not and thus driving people away from Jesus.

Please, whoever is in this situation wake up, take a look at your paths and attitudes and make a decision of giving yourself up completely.

If you are sad after reading this message then read the one of last Friday, that way you will understand better and you will know that I am telling you this for your own good, because I love your soul.

Have you gone through this or know of someone like this?


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Mrs Tania

This is something I am still working on. But I realized that when I invest in my faith, I have strength to overcome my flesh. It's all about discipline, obedience to God and, consistency. I am still working on the consistency part. Taking time everyday to invest in your faith is very rewarding, because indeed you overcome. Being sincere with God is also important; when I don't have the strength to give something up, I ask for it and He gives it.

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