Wednesday, 13 August 2014

What holds you back the most? – Perfection

We know that no one likes making mistakes, but one thing is to work hard to be better and another is to demand of yourself perfection. God does not ask that of us, but many times we are reprehensible with ourselves and when we make a mistake we punish ourselves.

It doesn’t mean that we have to be at ease with our mistakes, but we must understand that along the way we will make some errors, simply because we are not perfect. It could be something that we said at the wrong time, an attitude that we later regret, a word in the wrong tone, there are many things that we could slip up in, what is important is to be vigilant so that we don’t repeat the same mistakes and better ourselves.

We cannot make the mistake of wanting to be perfect or demand perfection of others, turning into an intolerant and judgmental person.

There are 3 different situations:
-       There are those who demand of themselves perfection. They are cruel with themselves, they don’t forgive themselves when they make a mistake (of course we are not talking about making the same mistake over and over again, that is carelessness).

-       Then there are those who demand perfection from others when they themselves aren’t perfect. Such way of being turns them intolerant and judgmental; they are always pointing out the mistake of others, without seeing their own.

-       There are also those that are consciously aware that they are not perfect, but can’t stand the idea of others knowing the mistakes they’ve made. They are always worried that others see in them perfection.

Therefore lets have the desire of bettering ourselves every day, without the presumption that one-day we will be perfect, that will only be possible when we are unite with our God.

Do you agree?


Anonymous said...

I agree, We need to watch ourself and focus on bettering ourselves everyday expecting mistakes here and there. we will shurely grow to be better women of God. God bless

Yinka said...

That makes alot of sense as sometimes I demand from myslef perfecton then fell down or put myself down becvause I cant reach this unreasonable standard. So I need to just make sure that everyday I strive to become BETTER rather than become PERFECT.

lynet said...

I agree indeed Mrs Tania , being a perfectionist only brings frustrations upon oneself and thus you never become better .

ms guni, England uk said...

This is so me.

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