Tuesday, 19 August 2014

What holds you back the most? – Bad thoughts

Hello darlings! I know that I’ve written about all the topics mentioned in the first article, but I would like to add two more upon the reader’s requests, which are, bad thoughts and anxiety.

Today we will be talking about the evil thoughts that hold back many people and in the majority of the cases they defeat the person.

You see, evil thoughts come to everyone; the difference is in how each person deals with them.

Don’t forget that when the devil blows a thought, he says intelligent things, he will not say things that you will quickly think, “no way, that doesn’t make sense”, on the contrary, he says things that make us think and that make a lots of sense, things to which we respond “it is true, that’s how it is”, but EVERYTHING  he says is to go against us and to do us bad.

So how should we react when this occurs? Rebuke the thought at once and don’t pay attention to what the devil says, we must specially not spend hours talking and exchanging ideas with him, don’t forget that everything in the end is for your bad, he will never inspire good and positive things, even when it seems that he is backing us up, he always comes with the intention of destroying us.

Do you know when the thoughts come from the devil? It’s when it discomforts you, it dirties your heart, eyes, and feeds your bad feelings and makes you live tormented, it is easy to detect, because when God talks, He is clear and objective, it is the voice of faith within us that does us good, it brings us certainty and peace.

The solution is here, reject, reprehend, don’t feed, don’t hear his voice, be brave and determined, that way you will overcome the bad thoughts.

Occupy your mind with the things of God, positive things, as the saying goes, “an empty mind is the devil’s workshop”.

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Anonymous said...

Mrs. Tania, this really helped because as i sat here this feeling of sadness came, i said to myself, no way i am not suppose to feel like this. Then i scroll on my facebook page and saw this word of Faith. It really helped Mrs. Tania, Thanks alot.

Anonymous said...

A tip that has helped me many times from Bishop Macedo's books is that we should sing a song of praise or praise God mentally in order to replace bad thoughts. That way our energy is directed to God.

Martha John said...

Thank you mrs for helping me guard my faith from bad thoughts it's very important to watch out always.

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