Sunday, 31 August 2014

Walking towards Jesus 10 - Living in holiness

What is holiness? Is it praying and reading the Bible all day or staying in church every day?
Living in holiness is the person honoring God in everything she does, in the simple details of everyday life.
It is the person striving to please God with their actions, their words, their way of being, their eyes, their character, their thoughts.

Many think they live in holiness, by the mere fact of not living in sin, not committing adultery, theft, death, physically they do nothing wrong, but what about the heart, what is happening inside where nobody sees?
The heart is sometimes full of hurt, hate, envy, revenge, gossip.
So what's the point to maintain pure in body and not in spirit, it serves no purpose, because the interior will eventually corrupt the exterior.
Do not be deceived, living in holiness is not to be a fanatic or live in the church, but rather to honor God with our whole life.

“but as He who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct,” 1Peter 1:15


Lesley-Mary said...

There needs to be a balance. Just reading this, has shown me exactly where I need to work on.
Thank you.

densi said...

Wooow what a way to understand more about holiness really learned something from this article.....automatically the intreor will reflect to exterior.

bongi said...

When I read this I was touched Mrs Tania because we sometimes deceive ourselves in believing because I dont drink, or do this and I am ok meanwhile our hearts, our thoughts are corrupt...

ms guni, England uk said...

I used to be rotten inside, I believed in not doing the big sins. From malice to gossiping.
The day I decided not to was my day of freedom
Thank you

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