Wednesday, 30 July 2014

What holds you back? – Fear

We have spoken about complexions; shyness and today we will be talking about fear. Not the kind of afraid of the dark fear, but the many fears that have been part of your interior just as once have taken part of mine.

When I had my encounter with Jesus, I thought I had to be perfect, that I couldn’t make any mistakes, no one ever told me that not even God demands that of us, it was something that I myself invented.

Due to my desire of wanting to please God so much, I would fear making a mistake, doing something that may shame Jesus, and I would charge myself when that would happen.

Many people have lived within the church, but have been surrounded by fear and those fears prevent them from advancing in their spiritual life, as a person, as a servant, and in every aspect.

Analyze yourself to see if you have been dominated by fear:

-       fear to make a mistake
-       fear of being misunderstood
-       fear of being criticized
-       fear of being judged
-       fear of striking out
-       fear of losing

Who can move with so many fears? No one, the person remains as if they were chained, and can’t move, can’t act, they become prisoners within themselves, in their own thoughts.

Everything in their life rotates around fear, many don’t speak out, don’t express their opinions, don’t take action, not because they are timid but due to fear of the things I mentioned above.

Free yourself of those fears my friend, Jesus didn’t call us to be slaves but to be free. Don’t be afraid of being yourself, of making a mistake, what is the problem? Learn from your mistakes and go forward, don’t torture yourself, don’t punish yourself, go and don’t do that no more, that is it.

Be free of all weight, of all fears. The solution is in God and in your strength of will.

Next Wednesday we will talk about insecurities.

How about you, what fear do you carry? Leave your comments.


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