Tuesday, 20 May 2014

what an odd couple

Have you ever been to the mall with your husband and come back home sooner than expected?
Has he taken you to an electronic store and been there for hours to the point where you wished you had never gone?
Well, lots of people think that the perfect couple has to be the same in everything; that they like the same foods, the same places, and the same things.
Men and women are very different, but that doesn’t mean they can’t live in complete harmony.
To be one, just means always thinking about your other half. Love on the contrary of passion is guided towards the other person, in thinking about them.

Love is the base of the relationship, and it implicates respect, comprehension, sacrifice, patience, and to want the best for both of you as a couple.
When all of these things exists, for sure, both of you will be able to complete each other.
How many people end up alone because they think marriage is about them? They only think about themselves, they want to be pleased, but they never do anything to please the other person. They want to impose their will without thinking about the desires of their significant other; she thinks that her husband has to like the same things she likes. When in reality, when there is selfishness the relationship is doomed for failure, because their will be continual fights. It’s like a battle and both want to win.
Know how to give in, being compatible doesn’t mean being alike in everything.


amanda said...

Thank you Mrs Tania for sharing .

In a relationship people have to adapt from each other , and is about making the other person happy , once the other start to be self centered then that's when problems will start


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