Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Powerful or impulsive woman?

We’ve been talking every Wednesday about love life and how we should act when it comes down to it.
But you may be wondering, “But where will I find all that strength, determination and assurance? How will I resist the temptation, the desire?”
It’s simple: in your communion with God. Without Him, you really won’t have the condition to maintain a dating relationship within biblical standards.
Your strength to set limits and to be willing to value yourself, whatever the cost, will come from God.
This assurance, act of valorizing and certainty to do what is right will follow you at all times and will be stronger than your desires, the will of your flesh or even the intention to please your boyfriend.

Be firm in what you believe, don’t do things on impulse or because someone wants you to do such a thing, or just because half the world does it. Be strict when it comes down to your values.
Let nothing or no one make you lose your experience with God. You won’t feel good if you displease Him, the guilt won’t be pleasant, the thoughts of regret won’t help, because there will be no turning back, you can no longer have the time to go back and recover the past.
A moment of passion and pleasure can have a big impact on your spiritual life and even your future.

Now, did you find out where your power will be coming from?


ms guni,england said...

Most of the people I know are single mums and we are in the church. I have had people pressure me to get pregnant by some random guy since am now in my mid 30s and time is gone.
Well I know in whom I believe and will rather die than be a single mum.

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