Thursday, 7 November 2013

Offended Heart Series - The Fortress

When a person is hurt she quickly creates a shield around her, she cages in for no one to enter.
She is not going to allow by no means that those who hurt her get close, she will prevent others who can hurt her from approaching and will finally close up within herself like a fortress.
In your way of seeing it, this way you have less of a risk of being offended or hurt, and thereby live trapped within yourself, you no longer want to have friends, you're afraid of a new love, do not trust anybody else, you are well protected against everything and against everyone but there is a detail, you're also alone, sad and hurt.
This way you only give entry to those who we believe are our real friends and since we are so afraid of going through another disappointment we don't dare to leave our fortress, we think that it's the best thing to do and not risk it.
Now all energies are focused in guarding the inside, not against bad feelings, because they remain there, but the people, not allowing anyone to hurt you, but this causes the person to not be able to give unconditional love, which allows others to hurt you, then God's love becomes cold in your life, and who does not give does not receive.

You get so withdrawn and closed up in your world, which makes you always to come up with an excuse for your condition, because in truth you are unable to forgive and therein lays the problem.
And I'm not talking about people from outside, but people who are in the church, assistants, wives, they are all those who are in this condition regardless of the position they occupy.
Assistants with resentment against another assistant; pastors wives unhappy with each other, people who do the work or are in the church but carry things within themselves for years and years. Things that really hurt and harmed and other silly things that the person continues feeding inside her that only corrode your interior.
We'll talk about this later.
“The words of his mouth were smoother than butter, But war was in his heart; His words were softer than oil, Yet they were drawn swords.”
Psalms 55:21

I believe that this verse clearly shows what we're talking about, you can appear on the outside gentleness, but you know what there is in your heart.
Do not fool yourself friends, meditate on this.

Alert: Evil wants to deceive you, this is a fact, and who will be deceived?
The outraged and offended that got cold in their love.


Maggie Kadima said...

Thanks you so much, I used to be this person one day I have to open to my big sister and she was able to help me . I truly understand what you said.

Asive Pukayi said...

Wow Mrs Rubim thank you so much ,I never realised that,really I am this kind of person ,when someone hurts me I will make sure that i avoid that person with the intention of protecting my heart ,not knowing that i allow the Devil to work .thank you for sharing

Juanita Kona said...

Thank you Mrs Tania. It spoke to me.God bless.

Anonymous said...


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