Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Offended Heart Series – True Love vs Worthless Love

The person who is carnal lives in love "feeling", you know the one that comes from the heart and not the love of God, which is rational.
Notice how many times we give our love to someone, and we are not reciprocated we feel resentful and offended.
"I put so much effort, but she is harsh, she does not return my love, does not want be my friend, does not give me any attention, I do everything for her and only receive scorn and indifference."
Just one more sect of the devil wanting to dirty the heart.
But when we use the love of God, we will not go through this bombardment of thoughts, because we love without expecting anything in return.
This love "feeling" that often humans use is the same "feeling" with which they hate, sacrifice for love and also kill for love, see how it's worthless?

Jesus loved us without expecting anything in return, moreover those who did so much bad were the same that He forgave on the cross, imagine if he were hoping to be loved and be offended by being so good and people treating him so badly, He always showed the love of God, pure and true.
His best friend abandoned him, Judas betrayed him, Jesus cared for them and in the end he was alone.
Isn't it what happens? I think that has happened to everyone, to be betrayed by a special person, abandoned by a friend, hated by those who you gave love, but pay attention, Jesus forgave, even without them having asked for forgiveness.
If we have expectations about people they may disappoint us, but if we do not expect anything from anyone, all we give will be a blessing.
Do not forget, the more we expect of people, the greater the potential for offense and disappointment.
Look to understand and keep the steps to clean your heart.
Tell us your experience.


Asive Pukayi said...

very true Mrs Tania feelings(worthless love) they will always looking for somethings in return ,it will always do something so that it will be seen ,but true love expect nothing in return ,it is unconditional ,true love is patient ,kind ,never fail and we see that example to our father ,he loved us and he didn't expect anything .
thank you for sharing these posts are helping a lot.

Briony Bangura said...

The love of the heart really is worthless. Most of the time I've used my heart i've been dissapointed as the heart is selfish, and when I didn't recieve that I was dissapointed. Loving the way that God loves, the unconditional way not only blesses us but protects us from being hurt and further holding a grudge or somesort of hurt.

nurul iman said...

Thank you very Steady info ... hopefully more successful.
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Rajani said...

Forgiveness is an intellectual decision and so is love. In order for me to keep a clean heart I must give without expecting anything in return. That's real love. Learning from the example of the Lord Jesus, He ate with His betrayer knowing exactly what His betrayer was going to do, when He was nailed at the cross He asked Father to forgive the people who were torturing and persecuting Him, when one of His disciples cut the ear of the soldier Jesus healed him, and the list of examples goes on. Point is in order for me to be happy I must not expect a lot from those I show affection or care to because when they don't deliver I will be the one who gets upset and hurt. It's in my hands. I have to be the one who gives without expecting anything in return; this will help me to keep giving as well as help me protect my heart and maintain my relationship with God. In any case the Word of God says that when I give I will receive so I can't focus on receiving, but rather I should focus on giving, since receiving is a consequence of giving and not the other way around.
God bless you always.

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