Sunday, 28 July 2013

Beauty Stain Series - Inconvenient

You know that person who speaks at the wrong time, interrupts conversations, makes a comment out of place or approaches when they shouldn't?
So, this is the inconvenient, and does not cease to be a little stain in our beauty.
Imagine everyone is talking about something serious and she comes out with a joke, totally out of place.
There is a group of people talking and she just comes and interrupts their conversation.
Someone is exposing their opinion and the inconvenient starts talking over the person, not allowing her to finish.
And to make matters worse it is also inconvenient in what they say, leaving the others sheepish and embarrassed.
Let's see some phrases that illustrate the inconvenient:
"How many months are you pregnant?", when the person is chubby.
"Oh, I knew your husband left you for another, right?"
"Wow, you're thin, are you sick?"
"Remember that time you were called attention in front of everyone?
"Wow, you talk so much that it even hurts my ear," when the person is quiet.
If you want to enhance this list, leave your comments, with more of the Inconvenient situations.

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ms guni,england said...

Usually women do this to embarrass and belittle each other I will share this and keep a close eye of what comes out of my mouth. Such little things can make people leave the presence of God.

I remember one of the girls been asked why she does not dress up and has just one set of clothes, she was so hurt. She was just new in the church and going through a process of deliverance, when she was asked about her appearance a very touch subject.

Anna said...

Thank you very much for the message Mrs. One should really be careful of out comes out of our mouth.

Nombulelo yibe said...

Mrs Tania this is so true
Sometime the are people who are always late and people will always have to wait for her she enjoys the attention that she gets when she arrives late when she does not rpeople will have to change their pals because of her ealise that she inconvinience others now people w

candy said...

Evening mrs Tania
This is so true. This inconvenient situation happen most of the time to women when they are speaking to each other. mostly when someone is exposing their opinion or sharing something and the inconvenient starts talking over the person , not allowing her to finish. That's why the Bible says in the book of James 1:19 " Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak." which means before you can interrupt other people you should listen first otherwise you'll end up saying wrong things.

Thank you
God bless

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