Thursday, 11 April 2013

Assistants in Focus Series 23 - Commonplace

David’s purpose was to bring the ark of God to Jerusalem. Since it was a sacred object, which represented the presence of God, the only ones who could carry it were the priests; no one else could even touch the ark.
But something unusual was about to happen during the journey, Uzzah touched the ark and took hold of it, showing irreverence and demonstrating that he did not recognize the majesty and holiness of God symbolized by the ark.
He died at that moment and David feeling sad he no longer wanted to take the ark, leaving it in the house of Obed-Edom.
The Ark, a special object and sacred was now in the house of a common man, it seems that the ark became an object like any other, there wasn't that same reverence and holiness
any more.
This happens also nowadays, think how it was in beginning, to go on the altar and clean we would take off our shoes, the objects of the Lord's Supper, consecrated oil, the materials used in the purposes of the church were sacred, we saw everything with great sanctity, even when we found a paper on the ground, we would immediately pick it up to throw it away.

Over time things have been changing, the person familiarized with the sacred objects, the things of God that before you so much reverenced are now common things for her and current with no special meaning.
Let's take care of these details; we must never lose this fear, familiarizing ourselves so much with the things of God, to the point of not seeing them any more with spiritual eyes and stop being thereby blessed.
Do not forget, the time that the ark was blessing the house of Obed-Edom it could have been blessing the house of David, isn’t it true?


Anonymous said...

Thank you, for this topic it really makes my blood boil when I see tissues, sweet wraps, gum underneath the chairs, pop spillages and all sorts of dirty in the church. People never mess their houses but the house of God, always. Those same people, then complain that the church is dirty. This is small things do make a difference in how we save God.

In the faith
United kingdom

Anonymous said...

We should take this subject serious because we've lost the respect and the fear of God inside the house of God. We find assistant reporting uniform being lost and the members bag being stolen and tithe envelopes during Sunday services. We should watch and pray. It is our responsibilities to keep watch and take good care of the house of God.

Tamara Mjandana said...

Dear Mrs. Tania
This is really the danger for us assistants, the moment we stop fearing God and not caring about the things of God and seeing them as sacred, we start forgeting how important God is.
Thank you for this post.
Tamara Mjandana
Cape Town, South Africa

cphosethu said...

Thank you Mrs Tania

The holy fear that we had for the material used for certain purposes in the church seems to be fading day by day. This post is an eye-opener to me.

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