Sunday, 7 October 2012

The World crashed on my head

There are a number of things that can separate a person from God's presence.
Without her knowing "small feelings" start to take care of her inside, like a moth, corroding until destroying all the good that was within them.
This is when everything starts to go wrong, problems, fears and doubts are now part of your day to day.
You do not know where it all came from, at what point things started to go wrong, the fact is that now you feel like the world came crashing down on your head and do not know how to get out of this situation.

Here's a short list of things that make you fall in your faith:
-      bad eyes, you cannot see the good in people, only defects
-      envy, you are never happy with the blessing of others
-      gossip, you do not watch your tongue, always spreading news and causing problems
-      jealousy, you always want to be the center of attention, not accepting to share your space with anyone
-      delicate and emotional, by living in emotions you always take action badly and are unable to use your faith to be blessed
-      does not know how to forgive, keeping grief of people which hinders your communion with God
-      spiritual laziness, you have no desire to seek God, read the bible, and you commence to get cold in your faith

Friends, let us take care so that none of these things can turn us away from God's presence, but watch out they will sneakily come, when you notice you are already bad and without the strength to get up.


Anonymous said...

Amen, have identified some of my weakness on this list if not all.Will watch and pray.

Cynthia said...

I have been in the church for 16 years and always wondered why people got out of Gods presence, well as the years went by I noticed that these were the little things that drew them further and further from God.

Kuhlekonke Mashazi said...

Dear Mrs Tania
The warnings you have given us are often looked past and seen as just minor issues,but the fact of the matter is that what seems to be small today will soon grow into something so big that it will be too difficult to even turn away from doing bad.we really do need to be careful and our spiritual minds should always be awake so that any small thought of wickedness may be quickly replaced with an act of goodness.


Chelcia Tavares said...

i was weak spiritually some of the things that are on the list today i can see that made me stay far from God's presence , but thanks God today i'm more strong spiritually because God opened my eyes to change , and continue to fight , watching and always pray . mas God bless you Mrs Tania, kisses.

Carolina Rangel said...

Wow, sometimes I would ask myself what was wrong? Why couldn't I grow spiritually.. I couldn't find the reason why, but what many fail to realize including myself is that sometimes it's little things like the ones on this list that pull you away from God. Then when we least know it we don't want to pray, fast and seek God anymore..
Definitely keeping my eyes VERH OPEN and will not resist. I am more stronger then ever.
Thanks for this post
-Hugs and kisses, God bless you Mrs Tania

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