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Mini Novel Dinah - The Revenge

Everything seemed under control, Hamor and Shechem agreed to the deal, but Jacobs sons were up to something, their family's honor was at stake, and they would not prove to be weak in this situation.

Jacob entered Leah’s tent and when he saw Dinah his eyes filled with tears, those were never his plans for his only daughter.

But the damage had been done and Jacob was trying to find a solution for Dinah’s life.

- Leah, the young man Shechem is willing to be circumcised, not only he, but all men of his family and the entire city, he loves Dinah! - Jacob said with a sad voice.

When Dinah heard what her father said, her eyes widened in surprise, she found the young Shechem with a good appearance, but when she remembered what he did her heart was saddened.

But Jacob, and now? What about Dinah? - Asked Lea

- Dinah will go with Schechem and will be his wife! Everything is settled between me and Hamor!

Jacob embraced Dinah and gave her a kiss. Dinah held the arm of her father and asked him to forgive her for everything that was happening. Jacob ran a hand over her face and left the tent.

Hamor told all the people what they had to do, he seemed content to do business with Jacob, after all he was a man of God, blessed and prosperous.

He wasn’t just anyone, he was greatly respected, and for them that was good deal. They will convince all of the people to accept the proposal; all of the men will be circumcised including Prince Hamor and Shechem his son.

The prize was about to be reached Shechem could not wait to have Dinah in his arms forever.

Meanwhile Leah was preparing Dinah to take her to Shechem’s house

- Mother I'm afraid! - Dinah said with a frightened face.

Calm down, my daughter! Everything will be alright! He loves you and you will be a good wife!

-But he is not the man of God that you always said that my father was going to pick for me! - Dina said weeping of repentance for what she had done. For her, leaving her people was scary but there was no turning back.

Leaving her mothers tent, her brothers were waiting outside, Dinah was so ashamed she could not look into their eyes and so she just cried.

Simeon hugged her tightly and pressed her against his chest, he could not accept what was done to his sister, all the other brothers joined and said goodbye to Dinah. And So Dinah was accompanied by some men and women servants of her father to the city of Shechem towards a new life that she could not imagine how it will be.

Simeon did not accept what had happened and didn’t get tired of repeating to his brothers that they had to do something.

-Do what Simeon? Our father has given his word! - Said Reuben the older brother.

-But Reuben is the honor of our sister and our family’s name! - Levi said

- But what else do you want; the young man will be circumcised and will marry her! Said Reuben, turning his back to his brothers. And so each of them returned to their chores.

But something terrible was about to happen, that apparent peace was to finish and become a tragedy.

On the third day when the men of Shechem felt severe pain, two of Dinah's brothers, Simeon and Levi took their swords, and unexpectedly entered the city and killed all the men, including Prince Hamor and his son Shechem. They took Dinah from Shechem’s house and left.

A murmur was heard in the distance; Jacob went to see what was happening and took great surprise.

His children were returning with handfuls and with Dinah.

-What did you do? Now I will be hated among the inhabitants of this land and they will come against us and destroy my house and I - Jacob said to his sons.

-He could abuse our sister like a prostitute?

Who knew that a simple curious walk would end in a tragedy and bring so many consequences?

So Jacob had to move from that place and went to live in Bethel, and God did not let those people pursue to to kill them.

Surely Dinah deeply regretted the day she was curious about the world and went in search of new adventures, learn different things and make new friends.

The world is very treacherous and bad, even if you do not want to present it this way.


(This novel was based on the mini story of Dinah, described in Genesis 34)


Nancia London said...

This is so true a little curiosity can lead to such terrible consequences. This mini novel has shown me that there are somethings that its best not to know about. Especially things of the world.
AS for me I am making a decision to be curious only towards things of God.
Thanks Mrs. Tania. Loved this novel.

Providence said...

Thats great Mrs TANIA curiosity can sometimes lead to great destruction.It teaches us that our feelings can be dangerous .As a woman of GOD I MUST NOT FOLLOW MY EMOTIONS BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT FROM GOD

Anonymous said...

can we have some more enjoyed this one.

NorahTyinaKatumba FPK said...

Curiosity can Kill, we dont only allow ourselfs to be vaunerable to positive things but also to negativity! Watching and being careful is vital!!
Thanks for this Ms.Tania

Anonymous said...

I wonder how this can be applied today, literally. This was really a tragedy. Today, you cannot kill people because you go to jail; but you sure can earn enemies, fights, malice, untrust, etc. Why women are curious. and unhappy and unsatisfied, and unhelpful?!!! Women used to be so helpful and unselfish in the past. The idea of asking God to help me think like a man came; but instead, I asked Him to help me think like Him. The results are that I've seen some advancements.

Thumeka Jezile said...

Curiosity is what destroy many lives of Christians,because we focus our self on things that do not apply to us and forgetting what our main fact and that is God and our salvation

Boitumelo Ruth Dikole said...

these days we are so curious about things that really are not helping us in life rather they destroy and takes us further apart from God.
this is the trick the devil use to get to us most especially the youth as the saying "curiosity killed the cat" well in this instance curiosity kills the Christians faith.
Good message Mrs Tania

nomalizo shasha said...

NOMALIZO SHASHA 26 \ 03 \ 2012

Thank you Mrs Tania for the message,Simeon didn't accept the situation. He decided to do something about it, indeed he killed the man.Spiritual speaking what ever it comes to put us in shame we must fight it our anger has to be against Satan not against man

nomalizo shasha said...

Thank you Mrs Tania for the message, Dinah didn't accept anything that comes on her way on my side I would say we must do exactly Dinah did even his brother didn't accept the shame to come to his family .The anger he had made him to fight back for his sister.

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