Monday, 1 August 2011

The Best of God:

Contrary to what many believe, the best of what God has to offer is not the blessings He can give us but His Spirit.
The cure, blessings in the financial life, even your family life blessed, can change lots of things, but nothing can compare to a person experiencing their baptism with the Holy Spirit, this is without a shadow of a doubt the greatest gift, that any human being can receive.
The Holy Spirit gives us peace, happiness, assurance, confidence, strength, guidance, and not even all the money or fame in the world could buy those things. The person who doesn’t have God in them will never know what true happiness is, and they will not be able to hold on to their achievements.
You can achieve many physical blessings, attend the church for many years, and still be empty, sad, lost, full of doubts, and far from being saved. Maybe you have sacrificed, done everything in your power to conquer many blessing from God, but you’re missing the best part of it all, so everything you’ve accomplished becomes vain, useless.
When I first came to church I was cured, freed from all my insecurities and my family was greatly blessed, wow! It was glorious indeed the way it all happened, but there was still something missing, a huge gap, emptiness was still inside of me, and the sadness still lingered. I was incomplete, because I hadn’t received the Best of what God had to offer.
Miracles can’t give you what the Holy Spirit can give you, Only the Holy Spirit can transform all of you from within, He is the guarantee of my well being, I am safe when I am with Him and I don’t fear evil.
This was the biggest miracle in my life and it shall also be yours.
Lets live Daniel’s fast, which starts today, in a feverish manner so that there can be a great spiritual awakening in our lives.


Millenna Gonzalez said...

Once we have the Holy Spirit we realise how vain everything else is, we continue fighting for the blessings but they don't "take over our life", the only thing that does is renewing your Spirit, improving yourself and holding onto the greatest gift given to you - the Holy Spirit. I remember a few months ago feeling so frantic because i felt the gap that was in my relationship with God, instead of us getting closer together day by day it seemed like we were growing further apart. It was unbearable! Once you taste something good you don't want to let it go, and everything that comes with the Holy Spirit is priceless, i became feverish like you say we should be for the 21 day fast and by God's mercy that gap became smaller and smaller until it was no longer there. That moment in my life is one i don't want to be repeated, that was a close call but at the same time it showed me how valuable my relationship with God is.Nothing compares to it so for those that don't have it seek for it like never before, it is surely something you won't lose with or regret!

Marilyn Brixton said...

I totally agree Mrs Tania! I realised something recently, every human being is born with a certain part of them that can only be filled by God. Throughout the life of the person, they always try to fill this part of them with so many things, drugs, alcohol, lust, music and the list goes on... But it is only when the Holy Spirit comes upon a person that part is filled and finally the person fills complete! This is exactly what happened to me! And truly it IS the BEST of God!!

Anonymous said...

it is true if we don't have the Holy spirit we can have all the money and fame in the world but if we don't have the Holy spirit that person is not going to find happiness and they are going to lost everything.

Rianna U said...

The best that God has to offer is the Holy Spirit because once you have His spirit you are complete, there is nothing that you will not have the power to fight for. If God willing gives us His best, I believe we should do likewise.

fatima said...

The best of God is the Holy Spirit! and i remember feeling this very same gap, i felt far from God and desperately always needed something to lift me up i couldnt do it by myself it was a very rough ,fustrated part of my life but not until i was fed up and really surrendered myself did this all change. The Holy Spirit isnt for perfect people but simply those who have a burning desire to belong to jesus!

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