Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Women of the Bible in real times: Sapphira, influence

Sapphira was the wife of Ananias, they formed part of the early church in Jerusalem.
Voluntarily they agreed to sell some properties and give the full amount to help the church.
But when they had the money in their hands, their hearts were filled with greed and together decided that they would only give part of what they had promised and not the total value.
The apostle Peter questioned Sapphira on her joint collaboration, and she lied, saying they had given everything.
Her ending was sad, as was her husbands, as both died because of their dishonesty.
One influenced the other to be unfaithful and they both reaped the fruit of that decision.
How have you influenced the people around you?
Your husband, your friends, your neighbors, what have you been for them, a good or a bad influence?
We must never agree with the bad things that are displeasing to God, much less encourage others to do them.
How many women have influenced their husbands in a negative way? And he ends up making decisions taken by the words of his wife.
How many young people are involved in a world of addictions’, influenced by their so-called "friends"? How many people are influenced in their actions by modern society, by what they see on television or in magazines?
Do not be fooled by subtle words, be careful not to be an accomplice of evil.


Va'Nessah said...

Its true ! Influence plays a big part in someones life mostly the person that is being influenced. This is why we have to be really careful with the way we talk and act because there is always someone watching and they could either pick up something good or bad from us.

Anonymous said...

This is true we have to be careful who is around us and what kind of influence are they bringing in our lives. Thanks

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