Saturday, 26 June 2010

Who is your mirror?

Have you ever admired a person so much that you wanted to be just like her?
Practically all human beings mirror themselves in someone they want to be like and want to imitate everything of the person they admire. Only that, not just anyone can serve as a reference for our lives.
Have you realized how many people mirror themselves with celebrities?
They dream to be like them in every way, they dress, act, even physically, to the point to change something in their bodies to feel like that person they so much admire and want to be like.
But many times these people don’t realize that they are trying to mirror a person with a destroyed marriage, someone who is lost in their own worlds of addictions, is always in trouble with the law, is scandalous, in other words he or she is not an example for anyone.
If your want to be a person of God, you need to mirror people who are a reference of God in your life.
Bishop Macedo and Mrs. Ester are, without a doubt, my role models because I can see the Lord Jesus through their lives.
They are simple people, loving, considerate, what they are on the altar of God, they are at home any everywhere else.
These are people that are true and sincere they show God’s love and their love for souls and take pleasure in blessing others.
Their strength and perseverance are admirable, I learn so much with them.
Their courageous faith and trust in God is contagious, they always have a word of life.
I admire and love them for what they represent in my life.
They treat me like a daughter and I love them as parents.
“Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.”
1 Corinthians 11:1(NLT)


Dora said...

This is so true! There is people who try to look like and act liek people that arent even good examples, we should get the good out of perople & leave the bad behind! we should always try to mirror people of God, people of good character!

Danielle Jones said...

I think it's such a blessing to have people of God to look up to, because they can teach you so much. I used to try to be exactly like celebrities, friends etc. all of which were bad examples to me. But people of God teach you how to be closer to God through their character, I have a friend who teaches me so much through her conduct she doesn't know it but she really has taught me how please God with my behaviour.

K.GordonUK said...

this is so true mrs tania, many people follow the person that isnt sincere with themselves that is hurting all inside but if we follow a true example a person that is sincere inside and out, we can only learn from them good habits.

Lluvial Godfrey said...

Normally, people are always looking for a person to look up to. When choosing we have to look for people who are true examples. They will not be perfect but men and women of God will always lead you down the right road.

Noluthando said...

Thank you Mrs
as children of God its important that we choose our role models accourding to the people that please God because if we dont we are going to drop spiritually because we want to imitate what does not please our God so we must be very carefull when it comes to role models

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