Friday, 11 June 2010

Who are your friends?

When I first got to church, I had lots of friends in school, others who lived close by and some friends from childhood.
As time went by I began to notice that my thoughts began to change and become very different, my desires were no longer the same as theirs.

The conversations had nothing to do with my faith, much less our likes and plans for the future.

I cared about them but there was something that just didn’t feel right, I couldn’t enjoy the things we used to do, spending time with them didn’t feel as pleasant as it used to, and not go to church on Sunday to hang out, didn’t even cross my mind!

So I had to make a choice, continue with them as my best friends and doing what made them happy or choose to please my God and begin to share with people who had my same faith instead.

So I began to look in church for new friends, since I wanted to be a helper of the church I would join myself with girls from the evangelizing group and I tried to learn as much as I could to grow spiritually, because they too wanted to serve God.

It was then that I met Fatima, she is one of my best friends, we’ve known each other for 17 years.

We were helper’s in the church together and we shared the same dream of serving God on the Altar.

Because of this we could share our dreams, our faith, talk about spiritual matters that would help both of us.

It was completely different then the friendships I had before, because we had the same thoughts and the same objective.

And it happen just like that, both of us married men of God and we serve Him on the Altar, because we knew how to let go of the things that would impede us from making our dreams come true.

Sometimes you have the desire to serve God, or be a woman of God, but you hang out with people who don’t share your same vision, on the contrary, all they do is criticize you, they make you doubt, they pressure you to do things that are wrong, these types of people will never be able to add anything to your spiritual life.

You will remain divided y influenced by people who don’t believe in your God. They don’t share your same faith and they make your thoughts turn to the world.
Be wise when choosing your friends, they are precious when they bless your life but not when they destroy it.


Tania - Queens, NY said...

This is very true! If we have too many close friends with a completely different vision and faith, we can lose ourselves. But once we become closer to those that want to serve God, the only way to go is up and higher in the spiritual world.

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