Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Unpleasant Habits and Attitudes

Be careful with the habits and attitudes that makes us unpleasant women.

This list is long, pay attention, sometimes these things happen without notice.

You become easily irritated and nervous, you don’t find a way to dominate yourself.

You judge others, and sometimes even without having met them .

You talk too much, without thinking and you don’t consider the consequences.

You talk bad about people behind their back, you criticize everything and everyone.

You consider yourself superior to everyone and you make others feel inferior.
You love being the center of attention, you never accept being below anyone.
You are a gossiper, you want to know everything, and you enjoy listening to other peoples conversations to then spread gossip.

You are mean in your way of talking, in your gestures and even answering the phone.

You always make fun of others, you laugh at people even though it is a serious situation.

You always do things with a second meaning, whether it is to just to please others or to receive some kind of benefit. You are not sincere.

You are to authoritative, you always want to have dominion of the situation.

You are selfish, everything must be your way, other peoples opinion don’t matter.

You are always in a bad mood, you always have a mad face on.

You are jealous. You envy everything, whether its other people hair, clothes, marriage, their way of being, their jobs... etc.

You are curious. You are always informing yourself of everything that is going on in other peoples lives.

You are annoying, you are never satisfied with anything, you are always looking for a way to bother other people.

“Better to be patient than powerful; better to have self-control than to conquer a city.” Proverbs 16:32


Divya said...

You are right: some of these habits go unnoticed.
Having this message in mind, I will stay vigilant. The one that spoke to me the most was about the self control, and that of being critical.

yinka_rabiu said...

I must say one of these things on the lists happened to be.You Judge others, and sometimes even without having met them. There one assistant in church that before I use to thing she was full of herself, everything I said hello she would never say it back. Only once in a blue moon, I did not understand how a person could be so up herself. Because of this I would just judge her, she thinks she better than everyone she not a nice person etc....until the day I humbled myself and went to her for advice. This day was a blessing, I am happy that I listened to God and obeyed his voice. Speaking to her was amazing i learnt so much about her. One of the things I learnt was that you either LOVE her or HATE her because you don’t know her and you judge her. Now I understand why she is like that and I see her in a different way, the spirit she passed on to me was incredible and I pray God continues to use her she is a strong women of God. I learnt judging others leads you to make the complete wrong judgement and who are we to judge in the first place. As humans we do it all the time, but it is up to us to rebuke the thought the minute it enter our mind.

Yinka London (FPK)

Asheto said...

This is something really strong, that many of us tend to consider unimportant or just overlook. But the dangerous thing with bad habits and wrong attitudes is that if we don't cut them out of our lives, they will eventually become our character.

Xochitl said...

Ms. Tania Good Morning. While I was reading this post in my mind I walked thru memory lane. I used to be this person in every aspect. Everything listed here was exactly how I was with "my friends". It was super wierd they would all stick around and say I was such a wonderful person. I guess because it was so easy to be fake and wearing a mask was all I knew how to do. They never really knew why I would keep them around. It was for my benefit only. once they no longer had use to me i would not bother looking for them any longer. Now that I try so hard to reach out to them and extend the best invitation ever they will not even answer my calls.I can only thank God for changing me and continuing to mold me into His image. I remember at the end of each day just feeling so lonely and bitter. Never ddo I wish this feeling on anyone young or old.

cphosethu said...

Thank you Mrs Tania and the above is true. Sometimes these things happen unnoticed and we usually want to be superior over others. Whats sad is to judge someone of being this bad while I, myself am even worse. I've learnt from this blog and I will examine myself according to the list above.

Jennifer said...

This is something I hate. Unfortunately we see alot of this in the church. You wonder why people speak about others behind their back - and they know that they are discrediting that person's name; but they don't care. Isn't that awful? And they still say that they are a woman of God.......... When a person is beside themselves, only their opinion matters. God has already stated in His Word that in the end they will say "Lord, Lord..." He will answer "Go away, I do not know you". If we see our brother or sister in Christ falling, pray for them; they need your help.

Jennifer said...

Research shows it takes 66 days to form a habit. When you perform a new habit frequently, it becomes a habit.

Some people are aware they are doing it, and unfortunately do not have the strength to stop.

Others do not even know that they are doing it, but others do!

Habits can be good or bad; to help or destroy. Let us be mindful.

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