Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Control your tongue- Part 2

The Manipulating tongue - Manipulators use their bad habits, they involve others using their deceptive words to achieve their objectives or gain advantage. They use indirect tactics to find things out or to influence some one else.
They always play victim and innocent.
They usually say things like : “ I can make him/her, do anything”

“ Then Delilah pouted, ‘How can you tell me ‘I love you,’ when you don’t share your secrets with me?
You’ve made fun of me three times now and you still haven’t told me what makes you so strong!’ ‘’ Judges 16:15 (NLT)

The Precipitated tongue - how many times have we offended someone because we jumped to conclusions? Of course it can be done in an innocent way sometimes to even add humor to a situation, but it’s still uncomfortable. When we talk without thinking, we always regret what we said, but it’s too late by then, there is no way to take words back.

Also responding rushed is never good, it’s necessary to think before answering and to make sure you finish listening to the question.

Also compromising yourself rushed can bring bad consequences, never promise something that you will not be able to keep.

“ There is more hope for a fool than for someone who speaks without thinking”
Proverbs 29:20 (NLT)

The Dividing tongue - Many people use their tongue to create division and to break friendships. This person likes to tell things he or she shouldn’t tell with only one intention ; to cause damage and and separate great friends. Also this kind of “tongue” could be doing all of this to gain favor with the person so he/she can seem loyal for having reported what was bad, or in an indirect manner be communicating how he/she really feels about the person, at cost of the other friend involved.

“God blesses those who work for peace, for they will be called children of God”
Matthew 5:9 (NLT)


yinka_rabiu said...

I have come to realise that the only way to avoid being a part of this, is when you separate yourself from the crowd. Being involved in a crowd of friends is not a bad thing but spending a lot of time with them put you at a risk of not being able to control your tongue. I learnt the other day it is best to just separate yourself and be in spirit, although people my say your to full of yourself etc etc at least you know that this is the best way of being in control of your tongue. For me I believe the tongue is the most dangerous thing on a human body therefore to keep it in control you may have to go to extreme measure to do so. I would rather please God than please men.
Thank you for showing me ways in which our tongues can be used to do things that are not of God.
God bless you xxx
Yinka London (FPK)

Jennifer said...

It is sad because we see this happen in the church. The tongue is a small part of our body, yet it can destroy the whole body, worse, someone else's.

Only the Spirit of God can help us control our tongue. I remember one Bishop always told us "Speak little and only if necessary. We are accoutable to God for Every single word we say".

Anonymous said...

The tongue is a small instrument, but very dangerous if we use it for the wrong thing. Like they say better to say nothing than to say something that we will regret.

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