Thursday, 8 June 2017

Example of Servant - He was meek and peaceful

When the centurion who stood facing Him saw that He cried out and gave up the spirit, he said, “Truly, this Man was the Son of God.” Mark 15:39
Our example of Servant had good testimony even in the most difficult and agonizing hour of his earthly existence. The centurion, who was the leader of the Roman military service, watched the suffering of the Lord Jesus until His death. He was impressed with how the Messiah endured all the pain and suffering. Through His meek and peaceful conduct, the Lord Jesus won souls even at the hour of death. Even the centurion being a pagan man, acknowledged that He was truly the Son of God.
 This teaches us that just as the centurion confessed that the Lord Jesus is the Son of God because of His behavior before all that He had suffered, the people around us must witnesses our good behavior so that, although they do not manifest faith in God, they will acknowledge Him in our lives. It is easy to be gentle, loving, patient and polite when things are going well; there is no difficulty in that. 
However, many are those who embarrass the Lord when things do not favor them: when the situation is difficult or simply when they are contradicted. At such times, they become aggressive, coarse, slanderous and nervous, demonstrating an opposite behavior to what they have professed. They are gentle and peaceful if all is the way it pleases them, when they do not suffer injustice or feel offended. Otherwise that meekness disappears instantly.
Now think of your reaction when someone pisses you off, hits your nerve, is unfair and mean to you, disagrees with you, and so on. Let us look at our reactions to each situation we live in, for they show us what is really within us. Being meek when everything is to our liking is very easy, it is difficult to remain calm in the face of the tribulations and injustices of life. 
This is what Jesus did, that is why He is admirable!


Mbalee B said...

Good day Mrs Tania

Thank you for the messages, I have been following them and they have been a blessing. This time however I thought to add a comment.

Reactions: This is something I have been paying close attention to in my life lately. There are situations when I had reacted in a way that may be acceptable in society but do not give a very good reflection of Jesus whom I claim to serve.Like getting angry about an issue I have addressed over and over again at home but still persists.

Ofcos,I cannot be naive but in every situation there is a correct reaction and the obvious reaction may not be correct, sometimes I can do what I want to see or teach by doing instead of instructing I could show how.

This has taught me that even my reactions serve,they win souls if they are according to the will of God and the Holy Spirit helps us to react and act in ways that will win souls.

I realized that there may be many occasions when I ignored the voice of the Holy Spirit and did what was permissible not what would be beneficial to the work of God(winning souls for the Kingdom of God)

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