Saturday, 22 April 2017

13 reasons to NOT do the Blue Whale Challenge

Hi dear friends, how are you? if you have been keeping up with the recent news, you will understand the title of this post, right?
 So, today I would like to teach you first what this is all about and how to overcome it, ok? let's start? First: What are these 13 reasons all about? Well, there is a new series that is attracting the young people by the message of "more understanding and tolerance and less bullying." But on the background it is passing a subliminal message totally erroneous, that with suicide we can fix some things.
There is also the challenge of the blue whale, that consists of 50 obscure challenges, where on the last challenge the winner is the one that commits suicide.  People, what is this??  The challenges of the blue whale are so depressing that the person who follows the instructions to the foot of the letter, in the end will wish to commit suicide. And this new series that seems so "innocent" has triggered a wave of suicide between youngsters that even psychologists warn the ones with depression, etc. not to watch that series because it can motivate them to commit suicide.
Now here comes my question: Why are we hearing the word suicide so much? Do you know why friends? Because a person that commits suicide is condemning herself to hell. Look at what the bible says in Revelation 21: 8  "But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars  shall have their part in the lake  which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.” Yes, murderers, because who attempts  to harm their own life is committing murder, is it not? unfortunately the devil has found a way to quickly take souls to hell :(
Friends, the devil wants souls. He is using many different weapons, arguments and little things "innocent" to sow his foul words in youngsters. Perhaps you ask me: "But Ju, what foul words?  I do not give ears to the devil, oh no way!" Well, all negative words, words of doubt, of sadness, of low self-esteem, etc. All words that bring you down, words of death, those are the words of the devil. And I believe that no person wants to obey the devil, right? but unfortunately this is exactly what has happened,  people have given ears more to the devil than to God, when  they believe the negative words and let them enter their minds and hearts.
Have you noticed that people who commit suicide believe that nobody cares for them, that their problems will never be solved, that there is no more solution for them; that whatever happened with her is irrevocable, hopeless. That if she dies no one will miss her and the world will be better without her; that with her death, others (family members) will no longer suffer because she is leaving an "example" with her death; that if she dies, the pain will end. Who you think fills the thoughts of this person with those ideas? This is exactly the strategy of the devil:  to bombard the minds of people with those type of thoughts, that can start with a silly talk, with a series, with music, with a movie... there the devil begins to fill the head of the person to the point where she  believes in everything and puts an end to her life.
Then how do you overcome those thoughts?  I will give you a very interesting tip I shared with the youth group this week.  Every time  a bad thought comes, a doubt, a  negative thought, imagine the following; an ugly bug, dirty, stinky, with broken wings, with a disfigured face, holding a trident and telling you all those things to you, what would you do if that bug comes to talk to you? You would at least run out asking for God’s help rebuking that, correct? I,  particularly would use God’s authority by faith rebuking it, sending fire until it is out of my sight, sending it back to hell with all my faith and anger against it... and I believe that you would NEVER give ears to what it had to say, right?
Then friend, those negative thoughts is the devil talking to you, everything with a purpose: to make you an infinitely sad person to the point of you wanting to end your own life. Don’t give that taste to him my dear, don’t listen to his words, I am here unmasking his work so that you may have opportunity to have a happy life with Jesus, what about taking advantage of such opportunity?
 I advise you not to watch depressing movies and listen to psychedelic songs, neither see that series... Don’t feed the negative thoughts, and if your mind is full of thoughts like that, then ask God right now to remove them from inside of you. Fill your thoughts with the things of God. Read the books of the Church, listen to Christian songs, read the bible more, learn the songs of the church and every time the devil tries to bring negative words to mind, you rebuke him and burn him by faith and sing a song to the Lord Jesus:)
Whether it is a bad thought or a doubt, remember it is the voice of the devil to destroy you, don’t give ears to that because Jesus says to you: "Daughter, I love you so much. I am always here for you. I want to make you happy."  Isn’t it beautiful, right? our God is wonderful... then, listen to the voice of Jesus, participate more times in the church and truly surrender your life to  God and see how your life will be a blessing!

A big kiss and may Jesus bless you much more...

PS: On the next post we will continue with the series of the young people of the bible.

Juliana Furucho


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