Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Good eyes

Hey girls, how are you? It has been a while that I have been meditating on the good eyes and how important it is in order to maintain our relationship with God.

But let's see, what does to have good eyes mean? To my point of view, to have good eyes is to look on the bright side of everything. Is to choose to look at what is good rather than at what is bad. I know the world around us, and wherever we go, there are more bad things than good, as the Bible says: "The whole world lies under the sway of the wicked one" ( 1 John 5:19), but there are good things too. To have good eyes is a decision I made. I decide to look at what is good. I decide to think about what is good. I decide to act well. You may ask me: "But Ju, what about the people that do me wrong? And the bad people? How do I look at them with good eyes? "Well, if that person is an unbeliever, then you know that he may be used by the devil to sadden or upset you, so you pray for that person, tie up the devil and have mercy on that soul. But what if this person goes to the Church too? Pray for her, tie up the devil, who is behind causing all of this and have mercy on this person’s soul. Remember David? How many opportunities he had to kill King Saul but he did not because he feared God? By having good eyes? He chose to continue seeing King Saul as God's anointed. Saul had lost the presence of God, but David chose to have good eyes towards him. Now I ask you: Who came out winning? David!

When we have good eyes, we benefit from it. For example, when we start looking at everything with malice, bad eyes, we criticize everything, when we always find mistakes in everyone else, , we get very busy controlling and observing other people's mistakes and we have no time to better ourselves. Moreover, we carry that weight with us, our conscience accuses us, because the Holy Spirit warns us of that mistake... but if we ignore it, that weight increases and we feel burdened and full of bitterness within us. Yes, bitterness because we begin to want justice, and in many cases, many people end up wanting to do justice with their own hands, isn't it so? Now I ask you: How many times have you made a wrong judgment? You thought that a certain person was nosy, annoying, but after you got to know her, you saw that it was totally the opposite? Now imagine how many times we were wrong in a pre judgment and we kept looking with bad eyes simply because we have not had the opportunity to see the other side?

 So friends, my advice to you today is: decide today to have good eyes. But pay a very close  attention, it doesn't mean that you will be negligent and keep a sin hidden or if you saw something wrong, you said nothing... Thewrong is always wrong, that’s why we need the discernment of the Holy Spirit to guide us. I can have good eyes towards my parents, and seek to understand them. I can have good eyes towards  my friend, I can have good eyes before the situations I face and be sure that God will bless; I can have good eyes towards everything the Holy Spirit shows me is right. If we have good eyes, our whole body will be full of light,, but if we have bad eyes, we will suffer the consequences.

Friends, on what have you had bad eyes? Against the Church? Against the pastors? Against your friends? Against  your parents? Decide today to change and start doing what is right and pleasing to God, okay?
A big kiss and may Jesus give you wisdom and discernment to live according to His holy will. Until next week.
Juliana Furucho
Translated by: Tatia Oliveira


Botshelo Bridget Kikong said...

Thank you Mrs Julia for this,I thank God that He has revealed to me a person I had been having bad eyes towards,I just asked Him,"God,whom do I have bad eyes towards?"And He showed to me straight away.If I just said,no,I do not have bad eyes towards anyone it could have grew and that would mean that I would have lost my salvation but now that I know I am working hard towards it.I am watching and praying.

ms guni, England uk said...
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ms guni, England uk said...

I was hurt inside the church and I ended up have malice and bad eyes towards the people.
I hated them so much I couldn't pretend. I swept all under the rug. I will be looking at my heart and praying for them too.

Jhaun-neiki Kinganga said...

Thank you Very much for this oppertunity to renew my fear of God, my eyes are the window to my soul and I must understand that no matter what others do to me as long as I keep my eyes pure, I will be the one to benefit

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