Thursday, 7 July 2016

The grass of the neighbor is greener

Why can she do it and I cannot? Why she has straight hair and I do not? Why my parents are not like the parents of that girl? Why they gave her such responsibility and they did not give it to me?

 Have you realized that the comparisons in this world are increasing each day?
Everything is being compared now, for example body, financial status, education, intelligence, even family! It is a bad habit that was rooted in us and I believe its origin started back in our childhood when our mothers would say things like,, "Why aren't you like your brother, so well behaved" Or, "Why aren't you like your cousin, so intelligent and hard working student? "We grow up being compared to everyone. Then we start to compare our snack in school,  we compare the hair of our little friend, we compare the backpack, shoes and as we grow up, we continue to compare even more. As a matter of fact,  many children complain to their parents because they don't  have the things that their friends at school have. Nobody wants to have or be inferior in school. But where does comparison come from?

Comparing  ourselves with others leads to two extremes: either we feel sad for not being or having what  that person has or we just feel like we are all that because we believe we have or   are better than so and so. But do you know what is the problem with comparison? It leads to competitiveness and that's  why the world is like a jungle today, with one wanting to be better than the other to show that they can. What a sad reality is the one we live in today. If people instead of wanting to be better than others, would extend their hand to help (even within the Church), the world wouldn't be the chaos it is today.

Let us stop comparing people's intelligence. No more stereotypical comparisons, we are beautiful the way we are and we have to learn to love us so; of course we will take care of ourselves the best way possible, but not to compare ourselves with anyone, but because we are the temple of the Holy Spirit and we want to please Him. Enough with comparing what we have and what we don't have with others. No more phrases like: "She has this and I do not. She is more beautiful than me. She is smarter than me. Her mom is cooler than mine. Her husband is better than mine. "These phrases do not take you anywhere and they show jealousy and a spiteful person. You know what we have to do? Look only to Jesus and to ourselves. Let us be a better version of ourselves because we want to please God. Seek to study hard and be smart to be more useful in God's hands. Let's pray and fight for our family because they are souls and we want the best for them. Fight for financial independence so you can be a living witness of God's power and be able to help the Church take the Word of God to the ends of the earth. Let us strive to be good servants, not to draw attention from anyone, much less to reach a post, status but to be used greatly by God in the salvation of souls. Do you see the difference? When we start to look at things from this angle, everything gets better, we have more tranquility and peace so like that we don't give place for the devil to put in envy, sadness, disappointment and even put us against God, because many by comparing themselves with others, they end up throwing the blame on God because they did not to conquer what they want yet just like that person, friend, etc..  but in fact, the mistake is not in God. When we have our eyes turned to ourselves, we can see where we need to change, what we are lacking in order to be better and that is where God comes in and works in our lives, because then we will be attentive to His voice.

So starting now, no more comparisons, okay? Look only to Jesus and to yourself! No more thinking that the grass of the neighbor is greener than yours, take care of your grass without looking to your neighbors lol. A kiss to all and until next week.
Juliana Furucho

Translated by: Tatia Oliveira


mitchel ngarangombe said...

Thank you so much Mrs. Tania you are my inspire and every day I pick a new idea that really makes my ways to be different and this message is indeed a blessing to me I will take care of my grass to make it green so that my Father in heaven may be glorified in my life..

Anita Isioma Chukwuma said...

Wow!!! Thanks alot Mrs Tania, this is one thing the youths really need i remember then in high school, i never liked it if my friends do or pay for something before i do it pisses me off to the extend of me not being at peace with my mum. I remember i wear a long face until she gives me the money i never pitied her or reason with her i just needed things done. I always compared myself with my batchmates.

Tshedimogo L Kgositladi said...

I used to fool myself thinking that it is not jealousy to state how or what someone have over me but now i understand that i must refrain from that and focus on me and so i will see good fruits.

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