Wednesday, 30 March 2016

A mother on her knees is more powerful than a standing army!

Hello dear, how are you? Let's put into practice what we learned so that we can see the results of our faith in action. Every child needs a mother who prays, but many have underestimated the power of prayer. However the Word of God has left us several examples that mothers can be of great blessings of their children. The power of prayer is so great that when mothers pray, impact the lives of their children.
Many mothers give up easily because they do not see immediate results in the time they wish, and give up on their children. But in an unconscious way it’s as if saying “devil I gave up on him, you can fulfill your plans in his life”. When you give up or when you do not put all your effort, it's as if you were confessing it, and of course the devil thanks you, after all it was all he wanted: to put negative thoughts and feelings so you forego them.
I know sometimes you get tired, sometimes the despair comes because everything is the opposite, but it is in these moments that you have to go on your knees and use your faith. Declare that the life of your son was bought at a high price and you do not give up this right. Pray not for a time, two times, three times, but in a persistent way to see the miracle in their lives. Do not give up on praying. I can tell you that you don’t know the power that exists in prayer, because if you knew you would never cease to pray and do vows for the lives of your children.
Never stop fighting, because when you see the results of your faith, you will see that everything was worth it. What was once the source of shame, tomorrow will be a motive of double honor. And do not forget that as much difficult it is, the greater will be the glory of God manifested in their lives.
Have vision. See the spiritual side, and never forget that even if all pray for the life of your children, there is no more powerful prayer than yours, for it is full of strength, a genuine strength, because our children are a piece of us. No one has more power to bless them than ourselves. Although you do not see, only prophesize positive words. Only use words that bless, and this practice of faith will bring amazing results. I believe! Do you?
Leave here your comments, I read every one them and I am praying for all of you!
Sweets kisses
Read: Isaiah 65:23
Catia Rubim


Sindiswa Qwalana said...

Powerful indeed, communication with God is very important, after all we eat everyday to the most 3-4 times a day, so why not pray and talk to God as we do the same to feed ourselves by food. I believe in the power of prayer, it has brought results in my life aswell as a person and I have seen this same power of prayer in my family aswell.

Thank you for sharing Mrs


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