Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Make silence!

Whenever we talk about feelings we say, “No, emotional faith does not work, we have to use our intelligent faith that comes from reason.”
But often in practice, things are not like that, because as women we are more likely to use our emotions.
Sometimes we go through situations that elevate the heart and it then wants to dominate the situation, and many times we let ourselves be guided by it.
“It’s just not fair my God, I did not deserve this” “why did he speak to me like that, I gave my best and look what I get in return,” the heart wants to give it’s reasons and make us believe it is right and the more attention we give it, the louder it shouts, he knows how to put himself as the victim.
Until we wake up and see that we cannot allow it to be in control of our lives, dominating our thoughts that way.
You can see that whenever we listen to it, we suffer, we get disappointed, everything goes wrong, we know this very well in theory, but in times of practice we have difficulty reacting quickly and putting it at an end.
Why do we do this to ourselves? We have read that the heart is deceitful, corrupt, no one can know it, but when a situation shows up it does not need to push too hard for us to give ears to it.
We must be aware that the responsibility to silence it is ours; we decided to submit to the heart, to emotions, and to act by reason, by the faith that blesses us and makes us overcomers.
Let’s determine that we will never let the heart do what it wants, whenever he wants to make its voice be heard, we will silence it, and leave it without a chance.
This also hinders the Work of God and what God wants to do through us, the devil knows this and works with emotions; do not let your heart prevent you from being used by God.
You know when a child wants to say something inappropriate and the mother puts her hand over his mouth to silence him, let’s do the same with the heart, otherwise he will make us shameful.
If you have acted through your heart and have given it control of a situation, leave your comment to help others.


Estella Arroyo said...

I have many times acted with my heart "I'm ashame of it all the times it happen" I could of be something more by now, like being used by God.. :/ sometimes the emotions, the "Heart" speaks louder, but the spirit speaks also!! Its a choice we need to make in the end, to follow our heart or our reason.. Picture the heart as the "Devil" and the spirit as the "Angel"

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