Saturday, 12 November 2011

Christian Dating Series 9 - How to act inside of the church

"I would like to ask a question, when you first started dating your husband, how did act around him in the church when you were a helper?"

I think that the behavior of women and men of God should also be exemplary wherever they are, since with our actions we can create a scandal or even bring shame to Jesus' name.

In the church, couples should be as discreet as possible. They shouldn't have physical contact, or be all over each other; hugging and kissing.

People go to church to seek God and hear His Word, so this isn't a place to date.

There is a time and place for everything, and we should respect God's house.

It wouldn't be nice that as people were arriving to church they saw a bunch of couples kissing and all over each other in the hallways of the church or even in the middle of the meeting.

At least this is how I was when I was dating Joaquim, in fact, the majority of people didn't even know we were dating, only the people

who really knew us, knew about our relationship. That's how much discretion we had. And don't think that we would stare at each other either, we were there to seek God and that's what we would do.

The first day we kissed in the church, was on our wedding day, after we were pronounced husband and wife.

Another day I'll tell you all about that special day!! Control your curiosity!! :)))


Anonymous said...

Am very touch feel, and like to hold hands. I will act much better next. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you Mrs Tania. Once I came a bit late on one of Sunday morning service so I sat at the back. Right in front of me were ex pastor and his wife, it was in the middle of meeting ans she kept kissing and hugging her husband, and I was the one felt so embarrassed seeing it, especially he was once a pastor.

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