Monday, 7 March 2011


Remember the times of Walkman’s, hula-hula’s, yo-yo’s, high wasted pants and bell-bottom jeans? Travel back in time a bit, do you remember your haircut ten years ago, the clothes we used and thought was so stylish?

Well now we would never wear them and we even laugh when we see old pictures. What was beautiful a decade ago, now is ancient and out of style.

With time what was once beautiful is now ugly, thoughts change, and even laws change.

God’s word though never modernizes though, she remains the same. Some people seem as though they want to bring the world into the church, they want the Word of God to fit to their desires, and trying to adapt it to modern times. That is how the things of this world begin to infiltrate into churches and into the lives of people who don’t have notion or understanding of the consequences that that brings to your spiritual life.

God’s Word doesn’t change, she is the same, and we cannot modernize our faith and accept the things that are not in accordance with the Bible.

Be careful when you think that there’s no problem because times have changed, the world is different, people have other thoughts now, and things were different back then.

Watch, because the devil is working to separate us from the truth so that we can become contaminated with the things of this world.

“Heaven and earth will disappear, but my words will never disappear.” Matthew 24:35


dora said...

This blog is very powerful. Like it says, people try to make the Word of God change so it makes them happy. But what God appreciates is when wetake his word & practice it regdless if it makes us happy or not. We should never try to chnage God's Word because it is perfect and will never change.

AmatesClau said...

Good blog yes! times really change now especially people just try to hear what they like people predict what people like to hear,but the truth people don't want to accept.We should never change the word of God because is so perfect n beautiful and the only truth.

rose- philippines said...

I Strongly agree on this blog ..
Everything is changing .
Everything that we want can be change ..
But the WORDS of GOD will always be the SAME ..

Many things in this world are trying to separate us from God .
The Technology that we have .
the Modernization of this world.
But we must be strong enough to Hold on to Jesus and never leave Him.
Because Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.
Without Him we cant do anything .

Jesus is the same , yesterday , today and forever ..
Everything might change but God and HIS Words will remain.

thank you..

-rose ofanda
UCKG, Philippines

Vuyo said...

I agree Mrs Tania, today people are more concern with the things of this world instead of looking to God because really the word of God does not change. If we look to God we will never be disappointed.


Marlen said...

I totally agree with you Mrs. Tania, God never gets old and neither is his word. Everything around us could change and we could even die but his word will still be there and true for who ever follows it.

Raisa Veras said...

This is true, we have to keep our eyes very open and don't let the devil fool us with his ways. The bible is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and so should our faith.

Yenssy! said...

Mrs. Tania
This blog post it's very strong. What you have written it's actually happening now, in our churches, the devil sure its working, stronger than he ever had. So we must keep our eyes open and beware. Must keep our eye onto God.

Bx, NY

Pocha said...

What a great blog. Our times have certainly changed, but our God has not, His word has not. His purpose for His chosen has not. Many want the easy way out for things, including their spiritual lives. They rather do the sign of the cross then enter a church and actually take time to talk to God and repent and change their ways to please God. The devil has certainly deceived many, I pray every day not to fall into any traps.
I once heard that the BIBLE stands for this, and it makes sens- it's Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. If we truly love God and have a true relationship , it truly is basic instructions.

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