Thursday, 27 July 2017

What are you afraid of losing?

“So the chief priests planned to put Lazarus to death also, because on account of him many of the Jews went away and believed in Jesus.” John 12:10-11

We come across these verses with a very scary conspiracy from the chief priests. Men who served God, led the people and had knowledge about the Holy Scriptures were planning to kill two men: the Lord Jesus and Lazarus. Those who “defended” the law given by God to Moses, now intended to break it without any remorse. Or doesn’t the Law say “Thou shalt not kill?”

We see that the feast of Passover was near and many of the people were already coming to Jerusalem to purify themselves (John 11:55). But while the people sanctified themselves, the priests who were to set the example, were planning something terrible.
The fear of losing their religious power was so much that they were willing to commit a terrible act against whom they considered a threat to their purposes. It is very sad when the person thinks that he is spiritual being totally of the flesh.

And how many people when they feel threatened to lose a responsibility, a title or a position, begin to speak lies, become jealous, have evil eyes, malice and even slander those who they think are occupying the place that should be theirs.

They begin to plot evil against someone committing the same error as those priests. At that moment what they have always condemned because it’s against the Word of God, now in a difficult moment of their life, they do it! It is easy to live the faith when all is well, but what are your reactions in the deserts of life? Do you remain faithful to the Word or act in the flesh by forgetting the Law of God?

Many people think that they will achieve spiritual things using fleshy means and that is IMPOSSIBLE. Do not think that by harming someone and being unfair you will get something from God. We must live what we believe and teach, and that is true for good and bad times of our lives.

God bless you all!


Mbalee B said...

Whatever I plant this I will receive.

The seeds that I scatter today may seem like everybody else's, I may seem to have good intentions and going about planting like everyone else in the field but one thing remains; that seed will sprout and the fruit will show which seeds I planted.

I've learned that my fear should be for the Lord alone, life changes, today we have tomorrow we don't and there is no need to deceive to try and hold onto what is vapor, the only thing that is certain is my salvation and no matter what the circumstance, this I need to keep and to do so I need to walk by the Holy Spirit everyday and not expect to suddenly have a Godly reaction when situations arise.

Thank you for the posts, it's very helpful.

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