Monday, 4 July 2016

The music and you

Rihanna, Nick Minaj, Beyonce, Lana del Rey, Ariana Grande, Fifth Harmony, Justin Bieber... and so on. Today we have so many famous and influential singers, isn't it so?

One day I heard a song and I liked the rhythm and as heard it on the radio I could not quite understand the lyrics. I liked the rhythm a lot and I would be humming just the part that I understood. Until I researched  it on Youtube to understand the lyrics of the song. Wow, I almost fell on my back when I saw the lyrics! Horrible and I was singing it without knowing the real meaning behind it! The song is from the Imagine Dragons - Demons. To give you an idea of ​​what I'm talking about a part of the song says: "When you feel my heat look into my eyes, it's where my demons hide." Do you realize the seriousness of the problem? Like me, a person of God, will sing a song that says: Look into my eyes and see my demons? It is tied up, I rebuke that in Jesus name! I have no demon!!

You know friends, the devil has used music to manipulate and dominate the lives of people, especially young people. How many songs you know, and video clips advocating the use of drugs, sex, trafficking, degrading the woman's imagine, making us seem like simple goods for sale; songs that incite hatred, homosexuality, etc. Now I ask: Is there anything wrong to listen to these songs? Do they really have a bad influence on you? You may not believe in the power that music has on you, but I will help you see that, okay? Let's start: How  many Funk music you've heard that talks about sex? And how many teenagers get pregnant while at parties that play these type of music? And how many rap songs talk about drugs and their trafficking? And how many young people feel attracted to be part of a gang after listening to rap music? How many rock and heavy metal songs speak of demons, suicide, self-mutilation, depression... and their listeners do just that? How many famous singers make music videos motivating to have sex in parties, kissing other women, even to practice black magic and make it all look super normal ? And the worst thing is that the young people see that and want to copy them,  after all, they are famous and influential singers, aren't they? But if you still do not believe, then bear with me: How many times did you feel like crying when you heard a love song, because you remembered a crush you had or an ex? To exercise we want a fast song with a good beat, correct? And when the person hears  rock songs, she just wants to rock her head back and forth and later feels depressed. To clean the house,  do you put on a love song? I Don't! Lol.

Well, music has great power over people and that's why the devil invests heavily in horrible lyrics so people can sing and without  even realizing the harm they are attracting to their lives. When we sing a song with lyrics that curse us, as I mentioned above, we are giving permission for the devil to act our lives. Do you see the devil’s strategy? I'll give you some advice: if you are a music lover, be very careful, see if they are not influencing you for evil, and if so, stop listening to it now! Pay attention to the lyrics, look for the meaning before you download or add it to your music player. I particularly like a lot to listen to music, to just a few because most of them have bad messages.

Did you realize that each Fasting of Daniel we do and move away from all that is worldly, we feel much better, more intimate with God and more in faith? There is further evidence that things of the world only separate us from God. The best thing to do friends, is to listen to songs that feed us spiritually, Christian songs, which fill our thoughts with the things of God. Do not go running now that the fasting is over to listen to all of the most played songs of the moment, huh? Be watchful!  

A big kiss to you and until next week. Kisses
Juliana Furucho
Translated By: Tatia Oliveira


ms guni, England uk said...

This generation has a limited number of singers got listen to. Was think of getting instrumental up tempo songs for working out. Today's singers are talentless singing strippers.
Sad indeed am not judging as they want to provide for their families.

Michelle Eason said...

There are some postive music out there to listen to. Music today is about degrading women, empowerment, sex, money, drugs, murder, etc. We tend to repeat songs and not understand the meaning of the song. When listening to music, you have to read the lyrics, in order to understand the message behind it. Music can cause people to be emotional and attached as well. Some music can corrupt the mind and make our mouths say things we do not mean to say. Therefore, our choices of music we have to be careful with.

Tshedimogo L Kgositladi said...

I was once warned about the meaning behind worldly music but as time passed by and hearing friends and cousins enjoying the music innocently i felt left behind so recently i have been trying to let them update me about trending songs.So as i read i felt ashamed that i was about to fall into the devil's trap knowingly i though i told myself i won't bother with the lyrics.

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