Monday, 25 January 2016

Series Strong Woman 7- Know your truth

Today we are going to do a test of self-knowledge. This part is not always easy, since many women are afraid of knowing themselves, to know what truly is inside of them, and take it in a constructive way. However, in order to be strong you will need to board in this proposal to know your true “you” starting from your principles and values, what you believe in, what motivates you, what makes you sad, and what changes your emotions. This is necessary for you to become strong. It’s only when know yourself that you will have the condition to make changes that at times, need to be drastic. Answer the following questions (to yourself) with sincerity, that way through your answers, you can detect how much you know about yourself:
·       How do you evaluate yourself?
·       Do you carry a lot of doubts?
·       Do you find yourself sad many times, without knowing why?
·       Do you find yourself consumed by negative thoughts?
·       Are you easily upset or irritated?
·       Your feeling of blame stops your actions?
·       Do you self-sabotage the objectives that you propose for yourself?
·       When difficulties emerge in your life, do you confront them or do you give up because you think that you will not be able to solve the problem?
·       Do you place yourself as a victim for the things that happened in the past?
·       Do you find it difficult to express your feelings with the fear of getting hurt?
·       Are you always defensive, because it is a way of protecting yourself?
Through your answers you just found your truth; but don’t be in distress if the test was not as positive as you imagined. Now it is time to change this situation. You already know what is inside of you and it will be easier to take actions and fight against everything that makes you weak. From now on, react differently. Your reactions need to be controlled by your “head.” Avoid as much as you can to appeal to your heart. There are people that are 100% emotion and this is why they are weak. Learn to be above your heart and let your mind take control.  You can do it when your life and your thoughts are in God. It is a matter of decision that will determine what will happen.
So, what did you find out?


Anita Isioma Chukwuma said...

I found out that i have to make use of my head 100% i cant continue to be emotionally in somethings i have to practice the define/rational faith 100%. thanks Mrs Tania

ms guni,england said...
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ms guni,england said...

Thanks again for the post

lerato uyg said...

Good morning Mrs Tania, the truth is that when you know yourself, you know your truth and this makes it easier to deal with whatever issues one might have. We need to invest in knowing our truth, who are we really and what do we need to change. When we know ourselves even the devil's schemes will not work because we are aware of our truth.

juliana Faleti said...

Thank you for this post is was very strong , sometimes we avoid taking time to really think and analyse were we are in our lives as we are afraid to face the truth, but these are the moments that really help us develop our relationship with God

Tshegofatso Malwale said...

I found out that I need to allow my mind to be in control of me.I also need to put my thoughts and life in the hands of God inorder for me to stop being emotional.

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