Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Lying Mothers and daughters

Hello darlings how are you? I was pleased with all of your comments and mainly to be able to see that you are all willing for this change, because the first step you already made which is to recognize.

Well I think there is nothing worse than having a child who lies, because lies destroy trust.

Many do not lie, but omit, which is the same thing. Even though my son is very young I always teach him that its always best to face the consequences of telling the truth then to face consequences of telling a lie, sometimes it may seem like telling a lie will bring more benefits, yet later on when the truth comes out you are no longer a trustworthy person, and who does not like to be trustworthy?

This is why you, mother, should always speak the truth, and so you will be an example that it good to be truthful.

Always speak the truth at all costs, even if you may have done wrong, proceeding this way, owning up to your mistakes gains everyone’s confidence.
Lying is a matter of habit, as well as it is telling the truth, so you decide which one you will choose to adopt.

For example, I prefer that a person tells me the truth, even if I do not agree with it, then for them to tell me a lie just to please me, and then I find out that was nothing but a lie.

This applies to all of our relationships, and as I said initially, there are many people who have adopted this weak habit, and already lie as though they were practicing the truth, and this is turning into something natural for them.

Not to mention those who omit certain things, that is, the person only tells the part that suits them, but do not go in depth, and are not able to tell you what truly is happening, without traps, they always say something to cover up something else.
Be transparent, and in doing so you will be free, there are many who have their souls imprisoned due to this behavior of not being who they truly are.

Is it not shameful to recognize that we have acted this way, maybe even in an unconscious way; the important thing is to detect the error and eliminate it on time.
If there was no truth, sincerity in our relationships, we would never have solid relationships and they all would be short-lived.

If you have detected that you have lived this way, in omission, pretending to be something that you are not, make the decision today to change, and you will see the secure person you will become.
Leave here your comment, I read each one, and I am glad that I have helped you all see that which you hadn’t been able to see, for my motivation is to help and not to judge, so that together we may discover ourselves, and grow, for this it is necessary to remove the little rocks from our shoes.

I look forward to read your experiences and especially the radical actions that you will take after reading this post.

Sweet kisses
Cátia Rubim


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