Tuesday, 13 May 2014

I was born to suffer

How many people say that? "I was born to suffer.” Indeed, according to them, they have no luck in love.
They already  got married a couple of times and separated, or maybe they already had several boyfriends and never got along with any of them; when it seems as if everything is going just fine, something unexpected happens.
It is true that evil also acts in people’s love life and can cause such suffering, but in some cases, what really happens is that the person always gets involved with the wrong people. Then she suffers because of  her bad decisions.

It’s one disappointment after another. She does not know if she is the “problem”or the other person, she does not know who to blame anymore; but we know that if you make the wrong choices, the results cannot be positive.

If you always go out with troublemakers, people with a bad character, ill-natured, womanizers, addicts, what do you expect from people like that?
Companionship? Sincerity? Respect? He simply cannot give you what he does not have, just as you cannot expect to get what he is not.

So, I invite all of you to find out about your case, so you can start making the right choices in the future, look for people who can offer you what you give to them and expect in return.

Leave us your comments, tell us what is going on in your life in relation to this topic.


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