Friday, 28 February 2014

Home sweet home, with Kamila

Hello young ladies,

My name is Kamila and I will be sharing with you, a little of my own personal taste when it comes to home decorating.  In my opinion a beautiful house has to be well cleaned and smelling good. Whenever I have the change I buy natural flowers, they leave a pleasant air and transmit freshness in any room of the house. The shade of white is always welcome, but I like to give a special touch of color by placing a frame or a floor mat. Honestly, I do not fill a room with a lot of stuff, I have learned to balance out a little and not exaggerate. When we place a lot of stuff, we end up tiring the eyes jejeje. When we place just enough things it ends up making it easier on us when it comes to cleaning (I like being practical). I also have my romantic side, therefore I like to include details that have lace or flower designs through the room (on the bedspread, pillow case, window curtains, etc).

I would like to thank for the opportunity of being able to share with all of you and I would also like to say that we are all very creative, it is just a matter of seeking to learn more, when we do that we end up having magnificent ideas! This site is a very good place to get inspired J


Renata Toledo


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